It seems that California has droughts plaguing it regularly. Even when there aren’t drought conditions that require you to cut back on your water use, you can still be water wise. Using less water cuts down on your utility bills. It also can help the rest of those in the area by ensuring that everyone has enough of the limited water supply for their needs. The best part about these water wise tips is how little you have to change your lifestyle to integrate them.

Cut Back on Total Water Use

The total amount of water you use is most likely more than you need. You have several means to cut back on water use. Installing low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads reduces the amount of water you use in your bathroom, without requiring you to shorten showers or skip flushing.

When washing clothes, choose the smallest water load possible, or fill the washing machine with more clothes to reduce the number of washes you do each week.

In the garden, water your plants individually with a watering can. You won’t overwater the plants, ensuring that they stay healthier and you use less water than indiscriminately using a sprinkler in your yard.

If you suspect leaking pipes in your home, have the leaks detected and repaired as soon as possible. The longer you let the leak happen, the more water your home wastes and the more money you will spend on your water bill.

Use Gray Water and Rainwater

Let Mother Nature provide some of your water. For watering your garden, capture and reuse rainwater in a rain barrel. These containers have a special design to keep insects and wildlife out while holding the water until you need it for your yard.

Gray water is the name for water that typically goes down the drain. It is not drinkable, but you can use it for watering your yard. Examples of gray water include the water you use to rinse fresh produce or the water that goes down the drain while you wait for hot water.

Let Us Help

For some of these water reduction tips, you will need the help of an expert. Let us know at Best Service Plumber – a Plumbing Concepts Company in Southern California, CA – how we can help. Our plumbers can repair leaks and install water-efficient fixtures in addition to our other residential plumbing services. You’re not alone in your quest to reduce your water use. Our plumbers are in your corner to help you with this endeavor.


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