The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you have a clogged drain, simply pouring a liquid down it seems like a simple solution. However, these chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to your pipes, septic tank, and health. Before you pick up a bottle of drain cleaner again, find out what is in these products and how dangerous these substances can be.

What Ingredients Are in Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Often, drain cleaners will have directions stating to never mix brands. This warning comes from the vastly different compositions of the products. While all drain cleaners should dissolve the proteins causing clogs, some use highly acidic solutions to do it while others use alkaline mixtures. Combining these two can result in a chemical reaction that leads to dangerous foam spreading through the drain. It is a much more dangerous version of the science-fair vinegar and baking soda volcano experiment.

Acidic drain cleaners frequently use sulfuric acid. Alkaline compositions use either lye or sodium hydroxide. When any of these contacts human skin, you can experience severe burning and pain. If contact with the eyes occurs, you may lose your eyesight. Ingestion of drain cleaners could lead to holes in the stomach or esophagus, throat swelling, or death. These effects could happen even weeks after ingestion. Not having these substances in your home is the better solution than putting your family or pets at risk of coming in contact with these chemicals.

Damage to Plumbing from Chemical Drain Cleaners

Your home’s plumbing system can experience similar problems as your internal organs from using drain cleaners, especially in excessive amounts. The drain cleaners can eat through some types of pipes and cause holes in the system. The last thing that you need are holes in your waste pipes, depositing toilet waste inside your walls or in your backyard.

If you have a septic tank, the chemicals in the drain cleaner will kill the bacteria in the tank. Because these are good bacteria in the tank to help with breaking down plumbing waste, killing them off will keep your septic tank from doing its job.

Call a Plumber Instead of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Don’t pour another bottle of a strong chemical down your drain. You could harm your health and your pipes. First, use a plunger to try to clear the drain. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber to professionally clear out the drain using a high-grade plumbing snake or water jetting.

If you have already used a liquid drain cleaner do not plunge the drain. Also, warn the plumber about the drain cleaner when you call. The plumber will need to know to take precautions to avoid exposing themselves to the chemical.

Choose Best Service Plumber for Drain Clearing and Other Plumbing Services

For clogged drains, put down the chemical drain cleaners and pick up your phone to call (951) 338-8624 to reach us at Best Service Plumber. Our team of experts will help to remove the problem with your drain through our high-tech drain cleaning methods, none of which require the use of caustic chemicals.


How to Clean the Toilet Tank in Your Southern California Home

While not a glamorous job, the toilets in your Southern California home need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We regularly clean the toilet bowls, but did you know that the tanks of toilets also need to be cleaned semi-annually?

Even though the toilet tank never comes in contact with dirty water, it still needs to be maintained. In fact, often there are rust stains or sediment that needs attention. In addition, issue like rusted metal chains, mineral buildup occurs, or bacterial deposits release odors can occur.

Best Service Plumber has these tips for the semi-annual deep cleaning of the toilets in your home for a cleaner and more efficient restroom.

How to Deep Clean the Toilets in Your Southern California Home 

  • Empty the Tank – Turn off the water to the tank via the shutoff valve near the bottom of the toilet. After a few flushes, the tank should be empty.
  • A Good Scrub – Scrubbing the toilet tank using a tough brush can make your toilet tank look new again. 
  • Attack Tough Stains – Chemical solutions often work better on stubborn stains. Filling your tank with a vinegar solution overnight will work wonders on stubborn stains. Lemon juice as well as bleach are also great solutions for stains.
  • Disinfect – Popular commercial cleaners work well to clean the inside of the toilet tank. Simply spray inside of the tank to kill any existing bacteria.
  • Clean Tank Mechanisms – Be sure to wipe down the float, flapper, chain, and other parts of the toilet tank and replace any worn parts at this time. 
  • Refill the Tank – After cleaning, turn the water valve back on, give the toilet a flush, and refill the tank. 

Best Service Plumber in Southern California can help clean and maintain the toilet tanks in your Southern California home. Contact us today to schedule a convenient time for our technician to perform maintenance on your plumbing system. 


Does Your California Home Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

If you have slow drains, blockages, or other unsolved issues in your Southern California, CA home, it may be time to have an expert from the Plumbing Concepts team inspect and clean your drains before any costly problems occur.

Here are some benefits of having a professional plumber in Southern California, CA clean the drains in your home. 

Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning

  • Improve Draining Issues – Blockages in the drains are a reoccurring problem for most California homes. A professional drain cleaning company can easily remove blockages from your home’s drain system to prevent future blockages that can be quite costly.
  • Reduced Odor – Drain clogs can cause awful odors that come from your sewage system. In addition, this can indicate dangerous particles in the air. If you have strange odors coming from your drains, it is time to call the professional team at Plumbing Concepts in Southern California to help.
  • Proper Maintenance Saves You Money – A little routine maintenance on your drainage system can go a long way. Finding and fixing tiny problems now before they escalate to expensive repairs like burst pipes, high water bills, water contamination, or corroded drainage systems is suggested.
  • High Grade and Safe Equipment – The team at Plumbing Concepts uses high-grade equipment to clean your plumbing system, which is safer for your home and family. Constant use of drain cleaning and unclogging harmfuls can add wear and tear to your plumbing which can cause issues at a later time. 

Choosing Plumbing Concepts in Southern California to clean the drains in your home is a savvy move. You can trust the experienced service team to keep your drainage system running properly. Plumbing Concepts is your trusted, local Southern California plumber and takes pride in repairing your plumbing drainage system and preventing future issues from arising.