Wet Ceiling? You Might Have a Leaky Pipe

A leaky pipe is a common issue in many homes, especially in areas with hard water, like Southern California. And water leaks can cause major damage, even if small. In 2017, 11% of all homeowners insurance claims were for water damage.

Small leaks will develop as pipes age. These tiny holes may be too small for you to see. However, they will grow and eventually leak water into your home. You may not notice the problem at first, and in fact, blame a wet ceiling on a leaky roof. But you should consider having your plumbing checked for a leaky pipe if you notice any of the following issues:

Higher Water Bills

Most people may not spot water damage from a leaking pipe but will notice higher water bills. If you have not changed your water use and the amount that you use increases on your bill, consider that you may have a leak somewhere in your home. You should also suspect a problem with your pipes if you recently upgraded to water-saving fixtures and don’t see a decrease in your total water use.

Damp or Cold Spots on Your Floor, Walls, or Ceiling

Slab leaks especially appear as cold spots on the basement floor. However, other types of leaks can cause damp spots on the walls, floor, or ceiling. While you won’t want to tear open your walls to find the source of the water, you should contact us at Best Service Plumber when you have water spots around your home.

Water Pressure Problems

Serious water leaks can lower the water pressure from your fixtures. So, if you find that you suddenly have a drop in water pressure, call a plumber at once. This type of problem could indicate a more serious loss of water than a simple dripping pipe. Therefore, if you ignore it for too long, the leak could cause extensive water damage.

Contact Best Service Plumber for Leaky Pipe Repairs in the Southern California Area

If you suspect a leaky pipe in your home or have signs of water damage around your house, contact us at Best Service Plumber. We can complete an assessment of your plumbing to find out if you have leaks and where they are. In fact, we can even find and fix slab leaks. Don’t let water damage costs increase by delaying repairs of a leaky pipe. Let us fix it as soon as possible.








Common Plumbing Problems: Leaking Pipes

A single leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water annually. In fact, the average home wastes up to 10,000 gallons each year through leaking pipes and other plumbing fixtures. You need to have your system checked for leaks, regardless of whether you can hear a drip. Leaking pipes can cost money through higher utility costs and water damage. Finding out their causes and signs can help you to mitigate these pricy problems.

What Causes Leaks in Pipes?

Leaks in pipes and fixtures have several causes. For instance, in cold-weather climates, freezes can cause ice to block the pipe, which builds pressure to burst the piping.

While this is not a significant problem in Southern California, hard water is a greater concern. Chemical reactions caused by the dissolved solids in hard water and the piping material can lead to pinhole leaks in pipes.

Old pipes are another cause of leaks. Like many building materials, piping does have a lifespan. The length of time that the plumbing system in your home will last depends on the type of material used. For example, modern homes use PEX piping, which lasts for 25 years or longer.

What Are Signs of Leaking Pipes?

Leaking pipes may cause subtle problems. For instance, you might notice slightly lower water pressure. Or you could find cold areas of your slab. Therefore, you might want to consider getting a plumbing checkup of your home if you suspect possible leaks.

Other clearer indications of leaking pipes include wet spots on a ceiling or wall or dripping fixtures.

Why You Cannot Fix Leaks Yourself

In many cases, the leaks happen far inside the walls or the slab of your home. Therefore, reaching the problem is difficult for most homeowners. Additionally, where you find water spots may not directly match the leak site. Plumbers have the right equipment to find the exact source of the water seepage. Let them handle this task and fixing the leaks.

Contact Best Service Plumber for Expert Location and Repair of Leaking Pipes

If you suspect leaking pipes somewhere in your home or want to have an evaluation, connect with us at Best Service Plumber. Our services include finding and fixing leaks throughout your home, including slab leaks. If your home has aging pipes, you may consider repiping as a way to upgrade your plumbing system and stop multiple leaks before they start. Let us know what your plumbing concerns are, and our professionals will help you to find the best solution for your home. Our quality service is in our name, Best Service Plumber, serving Southern California. Discover how our experts can give you great repairs and high-end service.










How Do Plumbers Find a Leaky Pipe?

Most often, you will never see a leak from a pipe in your home. However, you will see the effects of a leaky pipe. When you call a plumber for leak repair, how do they find where the cause of the problem originates without taking out all your walls? The answer lies in technology and the plumber’s expertise.

Signs That You Have a Leaky Pipe

Though most pipe leaks happen under the slab or inside the walls, you may notice some signs of a leak somewhere in your home. Look for the following signs that you might have a leak:

  • Cold areas on the slab
  • Mold on the walls
  • Blistering paint
  • Sagging portions of the ceiling
  • Suddenly higher water bills without corresponding increase in the use
  • Lower water pressure

One thing to consider, though, is where you notice water stains may not directly correlate to the location of the leak. Water can travel from the leak down walls or along the pipe to show up as a stain far away. Therefore, trust a plumber to find the origin of the leak.

Damage a Leaky Pipe Can Do to Your Home

Water leaks don’t repair themselves. And, over time, damage from the leak will worsen. Did you know that the cost of repairing water damage can range from $1,202 to $5,118?

If your home has a leaky pipe, getting the leak fixed sooner can prevent more severe harm from happening. The water can spread along the pipe to your ceiling, floor, and walls, impacting everything along the way. Potential effects of a leaky pipe include mold, mildew, wood rot, drywall damage, carpeting damage, electrical shorts, and other structural harm.

Tools Plumbers Use to Locate a Leaky Pipe

Plumbers have electronic tools to find the specific point of a leak without pulling out all your home’s walls. Probes, cameras, and other electronics are some of the possible tools plumbers use to find a leak. In the hands of a professional plumber, these tools allow the expert to find the source of the leak quickly and reliably.

Contact Best Service Plumber to Find and Fix Leaks in Your Home’s Plumbing

If you notice any signs of a leak in your home, contact Best Service Plumber at once or call us at 951-338-8718. Our professionals will come to your home and use the tools we have to find and fix the leak quickly. Don’t wait for a leak to cause severe damage to your home. Let us fix it quickly.