Top Three Worst Products for Your Home Plumbing

Your home’s plumbing is not impervious to damage. In fact, many products that people commonly pour down drains can cause serious clogs or other harm to your pipes. Here are the top three worst offenders for your home plumbing system.

“Flushable” Wet Wipes

One of the primary problems for toilets is flushing wet wipes. Despite the companies advertising these wipes as flushable and breaking down in sewer systems, after 10 minutes in a mixer to test their breakage, most remained intact.

If you like the clean feeling that these wipes give you, throw them in the trash instead of flushing them down the drain. The future cost of clearing your drain due to a clog from these wipes is not worth the convenience of flushing them.

Kitchen Grease

Another major cause of clogs in home drains is kitchen grease. Even if you have cooking oil from a pan or deep fryer, it may not remain liquid as it cools. Most cooking grease will solidify once cooled, especially products containing animal fats. This cooled grease creates a clog in your drain, which will cause slow draining or backed-up water.

Instead of pouring kitchen grease down the drain, dispose of it in a coffee can and check with your local authorities for the proper method of throwing it away.

Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners claim to clear clogs. While some do prove effective, they can also be severely caustic, putting you at risk of chemical burns on the skin or eyes when you pour these down the drain. Additionally, these cleaners should never go down the toilet because their chemical reactions can cause the porcelain to crack.

Drain cleaners also don’t dissolve products like toys that have gotten flushed down a toilet. Therefore, if a plumber needs to clear your drain, they could experience physical harm from the drain cleaner in the line.

Skip the drain cleaner if you have a clog and call us at Best Service Plumber if your plunger does not get the water moving.

Get Home Plumbing Problems Fixed with Best Service Plumber

The three major home plumbing problems can cause serious clogs in your drain lines. Even if you make a mistake and use one of these, let us know. Our experts can help to get your line cleared quickly. Plus, you now know what to avoid for the future to prevent additional problems. Whenever you need a professional plumber in Southern California, contact us at Best Service Plumber for friendly, expert service and repairs.





Ways to Save Money on Plumbing

If you fear plumbing repairs due to the cost, don’t. You will spend a lot more if you ignore the issue. Fixing plumbing problems is part of the cost of homeownership and investment in the longevity of your property. However, there are some ways to save money on plumbing.

Don’t Stress Your Plumbing System

If you have problems with toilet clogs or backed-up kitchen sinks, consider your regular habits. You could be stressing your plumbing system beyond its intended applications.

Don’t put excessive strain on your plumbing system. Using your toilet as a trash can or putting grease down the drain can cause clogs in your waste lines. Plus, these tasks waste water. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense program recommends putting food waste into a compost pile instead of down the drain and using the dishwasher instead of handwashing. Making these changes cuts down on wasted water and prevents trash, food, or other non watery or human waste products from going into the sewer system.

By preventing clogs with good plumbing use, you can avoid the need to call a plumber for clogs or stopped drains.

Save Money on Plumbing with DIY Options

Another way to save money on plumbing is to do-it-yourself. However, DIY projects should have limitations based on your comfort level. Most homeowners can do the following types of DIY repairs to their plumbing:

  • Put Teflon tape around leaking pipe connections
  • Plunge a clogged toilet or slow sink
  • Shut off the main water supply to the house

The last DIY task is essential to know how to do in case your home has a burst pipe that will not stop flowing. Shutting off the main water supply will reduce damage caused by water.

While the above tasks can save money on minor issues. You should contact a plumber for anything that requires more intensive investigation or repairs.

Look for Plumbing Services Specials

Even if you have to call a plumber, don’t think that you have to pay a lot. In fact, look for specials or coupons on our website at Best Service Plumber. These deals can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs or installations of plumbing appliances. Make sure to let us know that you have found a coupon to use when you book the appointment.

Find Professional Service and Specials at Best Service Plumber

When you need professional plumbing repairs, don’t put them off. The problem will only get worse, costing you even more. Contact our reliable plumbing professionals here at Best Service Plumber in Southern California at 951-338-8403. You can also send us a message online if you have questions or want to request a service call. With quality repairs, great customer service, and professional staff, you’ll want to make us your go-to plumber for any repair needs.




How a Toilet Works and What to Do When It Doesn’t

The toilet is one of the most underappreciated fixtures in your home. You use it daily but rarely think about it. In fact, the only time you may consider your toilet is when it has a problem. Correct that by learning how a toilet works. You will appreciate the simplicity of its design and operation.

Flushing Process

The first part of how a toilet works is in the flushing process. When you flush, all you see is your hand pressing the handle and the bowl emptying. There is an entire unseen series of events that happen inside the tank.

Pressing the handle moves a lever that has a chain connected to the flapper. This lifts the flapper, allowing the water in the tank to drain into the bowl. The extra weight of the tank’s water fills the siphon tube (or the bend in the trap). When this tube completely fills with water, it creates a vacuum that pulls the bowl contents into the waste system. Once the bowl contents pass through the siphon valve, it refills with air, closing off the vacuum and allowing the bowl to refill. 

Refilling the Tank

After the tank empties, the floater inside drops. This triggers the flapper to close tightly, preventing water from seeping out of the tank as it fills. A drop in the position of the floater triggers water to refill the tank. Some of the refill water also goes into the bowl refill tube, which replaces the clean water in the bowl slowly enough to not trigger the siphon valve again.

As the water level rises, so does the position of the floater. Once the floater reaches its normal position when the tank is full, the lever shuts off the filling mechanism.

Common Problems With How a Toilet Works

Some issues with modern toilets rank among the most common reasons for repairs. Plumbers frequently encounter issues such as running toilets and leaks that require knowledge of how a toilet works to make the proper repairs to them.

For instance, if the flapper does not have a tight seal, it can cause water to leak from the tank. The leaking drops the water level, which triggers the tank’s refill valve to open and send more water into the space. However, the excess water passes into the overflow tube and drains into the bowl in a condition known as a running toilet. This problem causes wasted water.

Another issue that may happen is when the toilet does not flush properly. This may happen because the chain connected to the flush lever is too long to properly lift the flapper valve. It may also happen if the tank does not refill with enough water, often caused by an improperly adjusted floater. You may even have a problem with the refill valve not adding enough water into the tank.

Though made from tough porcelain, even toilets can break. If the tank shatters or bowl breaks, you will have water and sharp shards of porcelain everywhere. Shut off the water to the toilet and carefully clean up what you can. Then call a plumber to replace the toilet. Do not try to replace the unit yourself because toilets are bulky and difficult to install.

Get Toilet Repairs and Replacements from Best Service Plumber

Now that you know how a toilet works, you can recognize the need for professional repairs when something goes wrong. Whenever you need toilet repairs or new installations, call us at Best Service Plumber 951-520-8557.


Programs from the CARES Act that Keep Small Businesses Running

Many small businesses, like Best Service Plumber, are essential to the economy while others are not. However, with more people out of work, even businesses that still operate can experience troubles. To ensure that people who work for these companies still get a paycheck, the federal government has allowed for up to $349,000,000,000 in loans to keep small companies running. Find out more about this and if your business qualifies.

How Long Are Loans Available?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) will only offer these loans to businesses between February 15, 2020, and June 30, 2020. If you have a business with fewer than 500 employees, you need to calculate the loan amount that you need to keep your workers paid. The maximum loan that you can take out is 250% of your total payrolls for February 15, 2020 through June 30, 2020. If you use the loan to continue to pay your workers, you may qualify to have the loan amount completely forgiven.

You have to fill out the loan application and file it sooner rather than later. There is a cap on the amount of funds available, and once it goes, you cannot get SBA loans under this program any longer.

How Can the Public Help?

Whether you work for a small business or not, these businesses play a critical role in the economy of most cities and states. Patronize small businesses whenever you can. While SBA loans can help, maintaining a customer base through this trying time is just as important to small businesses.

Patronize local restaurants by choosing takeout or buying gift cards from them. Choose mom-and-pop shops instead of big-box stores for your groceries and other needs. Find services that have local owners and workers, such as Best Service Plumber.

If you have a plumbing problem or an emergency that needs immediate attention, contact us 24/7 at 951-520-8557.


Never Put This Down the Drain of Your Southern California Home

Disposing of things like grease from cooking in your disposal, items other than tissue in your toilets, and dental floss in your sink can cause major plumbing and drain issues. Clogs, backed up drains, and other plumbing issues are no fun.

While the plumbing system in your California home is tough, it does have its limits. Here are some tips from the pros at the best plumber service in Southern California, Plumbing Concepts, of things you should never put down the drain in your home.

Things to Avoid in Your Drains

  • Diapers and Hygiene Products – Neither of these items can properly flush in a toilet. They will get stuck and a professional plumber will need to be called. Not only can these items get lodged inside your toilet, but they can also clog the plumbing outside of your house, which can be costly.
  • Hair – Although a small amount of hair is ok for your drains, the problem is that it builds up each day and can become a major issue. Both hair as well as dental floss can stick to pipes and cause costly repairs, so it is best to avoid brushing your hair directly over the sink if possible.
  • Oil and Grease from Cooking – It is so easy to pour oil and grease from food directly down the drain in your kitchen, but it is important to avoid this habit. Oil and grease can adhere to the sides of your pipes and harden, resulting in major drain clogs.
  • Paper Products – While toilet paper is designed specifically to dissolve in water, other paper-type items like cotton balls, paper towels, and napkins cannot be safely flushed and can cause a plumbing blockage.

The experienced professionals at Plumbing Concepts in Southern California, CA can help with your drains and plumbing needs. Call us if you think you may have a drain issue, and we will promptly arrive to offer the best service plumber in Southern California!


Tips to Keep the Plumbing in your Southern California, CA Home in Top Shape

Being a homeowner means taking care of all of the maintenance needs for your home on a regular basis. While your plumbing may not come to mind as something that needs attention often, there are actually some recommended monthly maintenance tasks that can keep the plumbing in your Southern California home running as it should. Spending a few minutes each month to check these items before they become bigger issues is always a good idea.

Recommended Monthly Plumbing Maintenance Tasks for Your California Home

  • Look under the bathroom and kitchen sinks for leaks
  • Check your washer hoses for leaks and obvious damage
  • Inspect shower heads for abnormal spray patterns and clean build-up as needed
  • To keep the pressure-balancing spools from getting stiff, turn on every shower and tub valve and let it cycle from hot/cold
  • Look under the refrigerator to ensure icemaker connection is free from leaks
  • Check toilets at the base for leaks and also for rocking toilets that could lead to a problem in the future
  • Inspect hoses on kitchen faucets for water leaks and excessive wear
  • Make sure to turn on your whirlpool tubs each month to ensure the system is working properly

With a few monthly inspections, you can ensure your home’s plumbing is running efficiently. If you feel you need professional help with the plumbing in your Southern California, CA home, the team at Plumbing Concepts is here to help with the best plumbing services in the area! 

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. Service & Repair division is among the elite in the industry. We use cutting edge technology to assure you that we will be there when you need us with the equipment and know-how to solve your problem.


5 Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains in Your Southern California Home

Clogged drains are no fun! Unfortunately, it is an issue we all have to deal with at one time or another. There are ways though, to help reduce the chance of clogged drains in your California home. Here are five tips to help prevent the frustration of clogged drains.

5 Tips to Keep Your Drains Clear

  1. Avoid Grease – Do not put oil and grease down your drain because they can harden once they are in your pipes, which can cause build-up over time.
  2. No Foods Down the Drain – Food is only acceptable to put down the drain if you have a garbage disposal. If your California home has a garbage disposal, most food items are acceptable, but please avoid peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells, as they can damage the disposal and cause blockages in your pipes.
  3. Only Flush TP – The only thing that should ever be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper! Avoid flushing paper towels, feminine products, or any other material that is too bulky for your plumbing system to properly dispose of.
  4. Flush Away Grease – Each week it is a good idea to pour boiling water down the drain of your home. This practice will help to flush away any debris or grease build-up lingering in your drains.
  5. Drain Screens – The use of drain screens in your kitchen sink is a great idea to help avoid issues with your house plumbing. Having a drain screen in place filters unwanted materials while still letting water pass through.

No matter what type of plumbing issue you have, Plumbing Concepts in Southern California, CA can help. Our team of licensed professional plumbers can help fix your issues and have everything up and running normally again fast!

Go Green with Plumbing Concepts in Southern California, CA

When it comes to going green and being more efficient in your California home, a great way to start is by saving water – and Plumbing Concepts in Southern California can help! We have all the products you need to help you save water and be more energy efficient in your home.

Here are some of the amazing water-efficient products we carry at Plumbing Concepts to help you do your part to save the environment and money at the same time!

  • Tankless Water Heaters – Using a tankless heater in your home can save up to 50% on energy costs! Plumbing Concepts offers a variety of tankless water heaters available for installation.
  • Showerheads – Showerheads can be as low as 1.6 gallons per minute (GPM) which can help you save up to 36% on your water use. Come take a look at the wide variety of stylish showerheads we offer for your home.
  • Toilets – High-efficiency toilets can save up to 20% on your water usage. In fact, standard flush and dual flush toilets are available and can use as little as 0.8 gallons per flush.
  • Faucets – New faucets can save up to 31% on your water usage. Plumbing Concepts in Southern California offers a variety of colors and styles that use as little as 1.5 gallons per minute. Ask about our new models of 100% Lead-Free kitchen faucets available for your home at Plumbing Concepts in Southern California.
  • Water Treatment – Learn more about water treatment systems for your California home that can save you up to 50% over standard water treatment products.

Plumbing Concepts in Southern California can help you select the perfect eco-friendly products with the best finishes for your Southern California home. Start saving money and natural resources today with green products from Plumbing Concepts.