Non-invasive drain camera inspection

The Best Service Plumber team is experienced and skilled enough to identify and tackle any plumbing issue. But when it’s not easily identifiable, we rely on our equipment for the most accurate and the least invasive results. A drain camera inspection can do the trick for hard-to-locate issues, and we can carry it out on your property anywhere in Orange County.

During a drain inspection, our technician will use a waterproof camera attached to a rod to spot clogs, root intrusion, pipe damage, and other issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. No excavation or foundation preparation is required to insert this rod into your drain system. Once the camera is there, it transmits real-time video to the monitor, so our technician can visually inspect your pipes and plan the best way to fix, replace, or maintain them.

A sewer line video inspection does not involve landscaping damage and huge digging costs. The beauty of your exterior space is preserved during this affordable service. That’s primarily because the rod can be inserted into drain system openings and is flexible to be maneuvered through pipes of all sizes, regardless of the angles, twists, and diameters.

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Is a drain pipe camera inspection the right service for you?

You don’t need a camera inspection for blockages that can be easily cleaned out or pipe repairs that don’t involve underground work. This service is best for:

  • Those who don’t know where to dig. Because a camera can go as many feet into your drain system as needed, it helps spot the issue and define a digging area for mitigation with utmost precision.
  • Plumbing issues are hard to assess in terms of severity. Whether it is a major collapse or roots that have blocked some drain sections, a drain pipe camera inspection eliminates the guesswork for diagnosing the severity of your problem.
  • Home remodeling projects. Are you planning a remodeling project that revolves around a new bathroom or kitchen? A camera inspection can help see whether your drain system functions at the optimal level amid the increased amount of wastewater.

You can also hire Best Service Plumber as your plumbing contractor in Orange County to inspect your drain system for maintenance. If you haven’t checked your pipes for years, a camera inspection is a smart preventative measure to see what’s going on in the sewer line, locate potential problems due to grime or debris, and schedule timely clean-outs or repairs.

Drain camera inspection near me

Best Service Plumber takes pride in serving Orange County for over 35 years. We are licensed to perform camera inspections of all sewer line types using advanced high-resolution cameras. You will see the results of your inspection firsthand and get a thorough assessment of your plumbing system as our technicians explain the issue and what needs to be done to address it.

We can do repairs, high-pressure jetting, and re-piping to act upon the results of a drain camera inspection of your drains in Orange County.


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I have used them since the early 2k’s in 3 locations for tankless water heaters and water softeners. This June, Felipe M did an excellent job of installing a tankless water heater at my new place. Plumbing Concepts is dependable, has highly skilled technicians and does the job right.
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We needed a new kitchen faucet and wanted a new soft water system and RO water tank for our home. Plumbing Concepts did an amazing job with all three aspects of the job. They were on time, knowledgeable and professional. Anthony the plumber was outstanding. I highly recommend this company. They do what they say they will do and do it right!
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Anthony of Plumbing Concepts helped find the leaking pipe behind the wall which was leaking a lot of water. Then on 2/1/22 helped replace the leaking pipe with a brand new pipe. The pipe is in now fully operational! Anthony did a wonderful job! Very polite and professional. Thank you very much.
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Plumbing Concepts serviced/completed general maintenance on my water heater. Scheduling was easy, I got real-time reminders, and the pluming technicians were very knowledgeable. Overall, I was very pleased and would highly recommend!