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Is It Time for Repiping Your House?

Do you have problems with your home’s plumbing? You may need to consider repiping to fix common problems through your plumbing system. This option can replace sections of water supply pipes or all the pipes in your home. It effectively gives your home a plumbing upgrade from the inside.

What Is Repiping?

If your home has damaged pipes or parts that could sustain damage due to age, you may want to replace those sections of your plumbing system. Repiping is a method that plumbers use to replace the pipes. By using flexible PEX piping, they can easily replace the existing supply lines without cutting open all your walls.

Do You Need Repiping for Your Home?

Repiping can fix leaks that occur in one or multiple places in your home. It also can replace aging pipes that may be dangerous to use, such as lead pipes, or worn and at risk of breaking. Galvanized steel pipes are another type of old pipe that poses a high risk for corrosion and leaking. Most homes that have these pipes were built in the first half of the 20th century. Multiple leaks in your home can waste water and money on your water bills. In fact, if you have more than one leak, or leaks that appear frequently, you may need new piping. Significant leaks that waste more than 90 gallons each day happen in around 10% of homes. These types of leaks indicate serious damage to pipes or multiple leaks throughout the home.

What Happens During Repiping?

During the process, the plumber will identify the portions of your plumbing that need replacement. They will cut off the main supply and drain the pipes. Next, they will replace existing pipes. Depending on if you want to remove the old pipes, they may also pull out and dispose of those. With PEX piping, the process is easier because these flexible pipes are easier to install. Plus, PEX piping comes with a 25-year warranty.

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