In an ideal world, a standard tank-style water heater should last for ten years without any attention. However, no one lives in such a world. Hard water is one of the biggest threats to your water heater. And without proper water heater maintenance, your unit could burn out long before its lifespan ends.

Annual Water Heater Maintenance

Generally, your water heater needs an evaluation each year. However, it’s best to hire a plumber to conduct the maintenance. If anything has a problem, the plumber can replace the worn part or make a repair immediately. Plus, doing maintenance on a water heater without knowing what to do could cause injury to you or damage to your water heater.

During an annual assessment, the plumber will look at the integrity of the valves, especially the temperature-pressure relief valve. Also, depending on prior maintenance and the age of your water heater, the plumber may drain it to remove sediments. Ideally, this should happen every year after the first year of ownership. Without removing sediment, minerals can build on the heating elements. This buildup reduces the ability of the elements to heat the water. You may notice that your water doesn’t feel as hot as it once was, though you haven’t adjusted the temperature.

A plumber can replace worn heating elements, however, if you have severe mineral buildup in the tank, it could indicate that you need to replace the water heater or invest in a water treatment system that softens your home’s water.

You can do two chores for your tank-style water heater. First, check the temperature of the unit does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is warm enough for comfortable baths without putting your family at risk of scalding. Also, wrap an insulating water heater blanket around the unit to prevent heat loss. Doing so can cut your heating costs for the unit by up to 9% and reduce heat loss by 45%

Tankless Water Heaters

You may have noticed that maintenance is a requirement for owning a tank-style water heater. Because these units hold and heat water repeatedly, they have a greater chance of having damage from hard water. However, tankless water heaters don’t have the same issues, which is why they last twice as long as tank-style alternatives.

If you don’t want to keep up with annual water heater maintenance, consider replacing your aging tank heater with a tankless model. We can help you with either maintenance or repair of your existing water heater. Or, our plumbers can install a new water heater to restore heating capabilities and efficiency.

Water Heater Maintenance and More from Best Service Plumber

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