4 Ways to Deal With a Broken Sewage Pipe


The sewage pipes running into and out of your home is very important. These lines bring in cool and fresh water and take out grimy water. Homeowners often give less importance to these systems unless there is a sewage issue. A broken sewage pipe can shut the whole plumbing system down and bring this in-and-out process to a halt. It can also scatter foul odors and backup water. So, the best way to avoid this kind of crisis is by keeping your drain clean and clear, and flowing without getting clogged or blocked.

4 Ways to Deal with a Broken Sewage Pipe

1. Unclog the Sewer Drain

There are so many things that flow through the sewage lines. This makes it prone to getting clogged up by things like hair, soap scum, toilet paper, kitchen grease, and others that accumulate in the lines over time. Hence a blocked sewer line isn’t very unusual.


Sometimes, you need a plumber’s snake to clear out the stuff, even if the clog is larger. Most of the time, it takes a little effort to clear the clogs. 


However, if you cannot clear yourself, call for professional help! It is paramount to be aware of the use of a snake and chemicals. Otherwise, improper use of these things can actually do more damage to the sewer lines.

2. Find the Broken Sewage Pipe

If you can find the clogged sewer pipe, it would be a big step toward fixing the issue. However, finding the pipe isn’t always very easy, depending on the construction of your house. For example, it is comparatively easier to find the pipe if your home has a crawl space.


The absence of it can make the process tougher, as the first step of fixing the problem is finding the pipe.


Nonetheless, here is a tip that will help you find it faster. Check for a soggy and bug-infested area in your yard that smells like rotten eggs. It could be because of a broken sewage pipe.


In this case, a plumber’s snake would not be very useful. It’s time to call a plumber to inspect the problematic area and possibly replace that part. A professional only has essential tools, such as cameras, needed to find the exact location of the pipe.

3. Look for the Damages

Sewer problems are difficult to detect; thus, you need professional services. A plumber can only detect the issues of your popes and tell you what exact damages occurred. Some pipes are cast iron, clay, or other materials that tend to collapse after a certain period. Sewer pipes can withstand the pressure of extremely forceful plumbing chemicals or augers.


Besides, trees and shrubs close to your sewage lines are another reason for their havoc. The roots invade the lines and seek out nutrients and nutrients. As a result, they eventually burst into the sewer pipes. Other than that, too much flushing of toilet paper down the drain can also be a cause for your broken sewage pipe.

4. Repair or Replace the Broken Sewer Lines

Sometimes all you need to do is repair the section of your broken sewer pipe. This is a relatively easy and painless task. Other times, the resolving can get much more expensive.


For example, your broken sewer pipe needs a professional to dig up from under your sidewalk or driveway to repair or replace it. Again, if your sewer pipes are older and you want to replace them with newer ones down the road.


A broken sewage line can damage your home, create frustration in life, and lead to several health issues. So, do not delay to take professional help. They can assess your sewer issues and repair them in short order. 


Suppose you have a broken sewage pipe or any other plumbing issue, contact bestserviceplumber.com. Here you will find certified professionals who will assess your plumbing system and provide the best possible solution in no time.


An efficient plumber can help your plumbing system keep running. If you think your sewer pipes need a replacement, especially in case of a broken sewage pipe, you should definitely need a professional. Schedule a look at your sewer pipes soon to avoid bigger issues. 



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