The new CalGreen standards for greener building of residential and non-residential structures in the state are strict codes for construction. How do these apply to your existing home? You may want to consider integrating some elements of these requirements into your home plumbing to save money on your plumbing bills and make your home more water-wise.

Do Existing Homes Have to Meet CalGreen Standards?

While newly built homes must meet the CalGreen standards, existing homes do not. The only exception is if you choose to remodel, and the project adds square footage to your home. Even then, only the remodeled portion would need to meet the standards.

Greener Home Plumbing Standards

The standards for water efficiency in new homes built to CalGreen requirements are strict. However, they greatly reduce the amount of water used. For instance, bathroom faucets cannot use more than 1.2 GPM while kitchen faucets cannot have a regular flow of more than 1.8 GPM. Sprayer hoses can temporarily raise the water flow up to 2.2 GPM for the kitchen. Toilets should use at most 1.28 gallons per flush while showerheads cannot exceed 1.8 GPM flow.

Following these requirements could save thousands of gallons of water in your home annually.

Upgrade Your Home Plumbing Fixtures to Save Water

If you want to improve your home’s water use, you should consider upgrading to home plumbing fixtures that meet the new CalGreen standards. Whether you want a new toilet, showerhead replacement, or upgraded faucets, contact us at Best Service Plumber for professional service and installation.

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