Did you know that using drain cleaners could hurt you? According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, in 2020, an estimated 2011 people sustained injuries from using drain cleaners. Don’t endanger yourself or your plumbing system by using chemicals to clean your drain clogs. There are more effective, greener, and safer options available to you.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

Drain cleaners come in three main formats – caustic, oxidizing, and acidic. Their operations are different, and you should never mix different types of drain cleaners because they could interact with negative effects.

Caustic drain cleaners are basic on the pH scale. These dense liquids weigh more than water and flow through standing water in a sink to the drain. The chemicals inside them react with grease or soap scum in the drain and create heat. This heat can damage some types of plumbing, especially toilets, which you should never put drain cleaners into. The heat helps to break up the grease and move it down the drain.

Oxidizing drain cleaners oxidize organic clog material to generate heat that moves the clog down the drain.

Acidic drain cleaners are often only sold commercially, so you will likely not see these. They use strong acids to heat the grease in the drain and break it apart.

Cost of Chemicals to Clear Drain Clogs

The cost of these chemicals to clear drains with chemicals can be high. These chemicals can cost you more than the money that you spend to buy them. They can also cause serious injuries.

The production of heat through strong chemicals makes drain cleaners hazardous products to have in your home. They can also cause skin damage if you spill the cleaner on yourself or irritate your lungs if you inhale them. Eye injuries from spilling drain cleaner and severe gastrointestinal injuries from drinking the chemicals require emergency care at once due to the strength of these substances.

Why Choose a Plumber to Unstop Your Sink

Instead of keeping dangerous chemicals around your home, trust a plumber to remove drain clogs. By calling a professional, you will not put yourself or your family in danger by using chemical products. Plus, the experts use less environmentally hazardous methods for clearing drains, such as high-pressure water jetting that only uses water or chemical-free plumbing snakes.

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