When you have a clogged toilet, you have a few options to clear it. However, there are even more things that you should not do to avoid causing more damage or mess. Lastly, if your toilet clog persists even after trying to clear it safely yourself, you should know the number of a plumber to call to fix the issue.

What You Should Do for a Clogged Toilet

If you do have a clogged toilet, you can use one of two methods yourself to fix it. First, try a plunger. Should the plunger option fail, try to clear out the toilet with an auger designed for use with that fixture. However, limit yourself to these two methods to prevent damaging the delicate porcelain of the toilet. Call a plumber if a plunger or auger does not clear the clog.

Things to Not Do for a Clogged Toilet

When clearing a clogged toilet, there are many more things that you must avoid. These include using drain cleaners, flushing excessively, or using other drains nearby.

Use Chemical Drain Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are not designed for use in toilets. In fact, one manufacturer explicitly says to not use its drain cleaner products on fully clogged toilets.

Drain cleaners create chemical reactions that generate heat. While in regular drains, this heat does not cause harm, it can severely damage toilets. In fact, a toilet can crack from the excessive heat created when using drain cleaners.

Ideally, you should avoid drain cleaners for all types of plumbing clogs. These products are highly caustic and can cause skin or eye irritation. Plus, if you later hire a plumber to repair a clog, the plumber could sustain injuries from contacting the cleaner.

Repeatedly Flush the Toilet

Do not keep flushing a clogged toilet. Doing so will only cause it to overflow, sending stinky wastewater into your bathroom. If this happens, you will need to sanitize the flooring after you have a plumber fix the toilet.

Use Plumbing Fixtures Near the Toilet

In some cases, a stopped toilet may come from a clog in a nearby drain. Consequently, avoid using other plumbing fixtures, such as the shower or tub, in the same room with the toilet until you can get the clog cleared or have a plumber service it. If a clog exists further down in the main waste line for your home, using other drains could cause water to back up into your home through the drains.

Get Your Clogged Toilet Cleared with Help from Us at Best Service Plumber

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