Low water pressure could be localized to a single fixture or more regional. There are a few things that you can check if you experience low water pressure before calling a plumber. However, even after conducting your investigations into possible causes, a plumber will likely be able to help in many cases.

Look Around for Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure

There are a handful of possible causes of low water pressure that you might be able to identify or repair yourself. Therefore, to save money, make your first step to try these examination tips before calling a plumber.

First, check for other water use in your home. Is someone else taking a shower? Is the dishwasher running? Do you have a load of clothes in the washing machine? You may experience slightly lower water pressure if other large water-using appliances also are operating.

Next, check the other taps in your home. Turn on the cold water and compare its pressure to what you typically expect. Shut off the tap tightly and repeat with the hot water side. Don’t forget to test the shower and tub taps, too.

Should your water pressure throughout the house have low pressure, contact your neighbors to see if they also have low water pressure. If they do, contact your municipal water supplier. You could have a broken water main in the area. If this is the case, wait for the city to repair the main to have water pressure restored.

If the water pressure is fine in other places around the house, the problem may be the faucet that you noticed the problem at. Look for scale buildup on the faucet or the sprayer and clean it off with a scale remover. If removing scale from the faucet does not work to restore water pressure, consider other issues.

Lastly, if none of the tests help you to find the cause of the low water pressure, you may have an issue for a plumber to examine.

What to Do If You Cannot Identify the Cause of Reduced Water Pressure

In some cases, you will have a problem inside the pipes preventing full pressure from reaching your faucets. A water leak in a pipe, a leak in one of the supply pipes under the slab, or blockage in the pipes from the scale can all cause low water pressure. However, these issues require a plumber’s tools, knowledge, and experience to find and repair.

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