Homeowners who want to save money may learn some basic repair tasks around the house. However, those fixing their plumbing may fail to have the right tools and parts available on hand. Making substitutions could cause problems in the future. Plumbing repair mistakes can start even before you begin the work on a problem if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

Not Using the Correct Tools

Many homeowners have a basic set of tools. However, they may not have the specialty tools needed for some plumbing repairs. For instance, despite its name as a pipe wrench, using this tool for all plumbing jobs could damage pipes. You may need a strap wrench or other adjustable tool that won’t cause damage to piping when loosening or tightening connections.

Other common plumbing tools you should invest in include a basin wrench, drain auger, plunger, and compression sleeve puller. Having these tools makes plumbing repair projects easier and less damaging. If you don’t have these or don’t know where to get them, consider replacing your plumbing repair kit with a local plumber’s contact information, instead.

Lacking Proper Replacement Parts

Just as having the right tools is essential, you must also have the right parts. Unfortunately, many homeowners make plumbing repair mistakes by not knowing which parts to get. They may waste time going to and from the local hardware or plumbing supply store trying to find parts that will fit their repaired section.

Professional plumbers can look at the problem and determine which parts they need. In fact, many will have a set of standard replacement parts available. If you need specialty parts, they can order them and replace them as soon as possible. For home plumbing services that require part replacement or upgrades, let a plumber handle the task to get it done faster and correctly.

Not Having the Right Education and Training to Make Repairs

Lastly, how qualified are you as a homeowner to conduct repairs of your plumbing? Likely, you don’t have the expertise or training to correctly and efficiently make repairs.

Plus, do you know how to pull permits for your area if you need to make major changes to your plumbing? Too often, homeowners fail this crucial step. Unpermitted home improvements could do the opposite of increasing your home’s value. In fact, you could find it more difficult to sell your home.

Instead, choose a licensed plumber for the work. They know when and how to seek permits for work. Additionally, they know how to make quick repairs while minimizing intrusion into your home. 

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Professional plumbers spend years training in diagnosing and fixing plumbing issues. Some of the first things they learn are how to avoid the most common plumbing repair mistakes. Consequently, they prepare themselves to be ready for any repair by having a truckful of tools and parts and specialty replacement parts on order.

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