tankless water heater problems

Tankless water heaters are long-lasting, energy-efficient ways to heat water in your home. However, even these appliances can have issues. Some people may experience tankless water heater problems, such as cold water sandwiches. Find out if you might have cold water sandwich or other temperatures issues and what to do about them

What Is a Cold Water Sandwich?

A cold water sandwich happens when someone recently used a hot water tap and shut it off. When you turn on the hot water again, the water will briefly come out hot, then turn cold before delivering warm water again. This effect is known as a cold water sandwich because you have cold water between two periods of hot water.

How Do You Fix a Cold Water Sandwich?

There is no way to fix a cold water sandwich. It is a naturally occurring issue with tankless water heaters that happens because cold water remains in the pipes. For instance, someone takes a shower and hot water flows through the pipes to the shower. Once they turn off the shower, a small amount of hot water will be at the shower end of the pipe but cold water will begin to flow behind it because the water heater is no longer needed. When you turn on the shower, the hot and cold water flow through followed by warmer water once the heater kicked in.

Some people may experience a flow of cold water before warm water arrives because they have their tankless water heater located far from the tap. While tankless water heaters do heat water instantly, they cannot deliver it instantly. If you want to avoid the problem of having cold water in your hot water lines, consider asking a plumber to install a hot water recirculating system.

How Do You Fix Other Cold Water Problems from Your Tankless Water Heater? 

Other issues with cold water coming from your hot water taps may come from an overwhelmed water heater. If your tankless heater is too small to provide everyone with hot water at once, it may not function as intended. To avoid an overwhelmed appliance, have a plumber choose the correct size of tankless water heater for your home. If you add on a bathroom or addition to your home, you should consider adding another water heater to provide the extra hot water needed.

Contact Best Service Plumber for Service of Tankless Water Heater Problems, Including Cold Water Issues

If you have cold water coming from your tankless water heater, you might need to contact us at Best Service Plumber. Our plumbers can provide you with the tankless water heater maintenance service and repairs you need to keep your water flowing hot for years. Plus, we can install a new or additional model for your home from some of the most trusted tankless water heater brands, Rinnai or Rheem. Let us know how we can make your home’s water more comfortable.









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