Both tank and tankless water heaters can experience problems with getting the water hot enough or producing adequate water supplies for everyone in the home. These are among the most common water heater problems that people call plumbers for. You don’t need to resign yourself to taking lukewarm showers if you have problems with your appliance’s ability to heat water. Find out more about the problem and what to do about it.

Not Enough Hot Water Produced 

A major problem for growing households is that the water heater tank does not produce enough hot water for the entire family. For instance, the water heater may have been sufficient to provide water in a two or three-person household, but it may not produce enough hot water for a five or six-person home. If you add more people to your home through acquiring roommates, having family members move in, or adding new children to your family, you may need to upgrade to a larger tank water heater.

Tank water heaters that don’t produce enough hot water that are the correct size for your home may have sediment buildup on the tank interior or the anode heating rods. Sediment covering the rods will insulate these heating elements, preventing them from properly heating the water in the tank. Such water heater problems may require the replacement of the rods or flushing of the tank.

System Shutdown in a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters that have too much demand placed on them, such as multiple people taking showers at once, can overload and shut down. The system shutdown is a protective measure to protect the unit from overload. If you regularly experience shutdowns or overloads in your tankless water heater, you may need an additional unit to help with the demand or replace your existing appliance with a larger model. Both Rinnai and Rheem tankless water heaters include many options to fulfill higher demand or to serve as supplementary heating, and we have both brands at Best Service Plumber.

Good Installation and Maintenance Can Prevent These Water Heater Issues

The key to avoiding the most common water heater problems is to start with a good installation. A plumber will ask about your home’s size and appliances to find the right size water heater for your family. After installation, you will need to maintain it through annual inspections and services. For tank water heaters, these inspections include checking for leaks. While tankless water heaters often need filter cleaning and flushing. With regular maintenance, your water heater will last longer and continue to heat properly.

Get Your Water Heater Fixed or Have a New Unit Professionally Installed or Serviced from the Experts at Best Service Plumbing

If your water heater doesn’t perform as you expect it to, have one of our plumbers from Best Service Plumber take a look at it. You may need basic maintenance such as cleaning the filter and flushing the tankless heater. However, in other instances, you may require repairs or a replacement of your water heater. Only a plumber can tell you after assessing the issue. Contact us today at Best Service Plumber to schedule a visit from one of our experts.









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