Many people often forget to think about the lifespan of the pipes inside their home. However, plumbing pipes won’t last forever. As they age, they will develop leaks or buildup that can compromise their function. When you have more problems than you can fix with individual patching, you need to consider repiping your home. This process replaces the existing plumbing with new piping to supply water to your home’s fixtures.

What Is Repiping?

Re-piping refers to replacing the piping in your home. This task leaves your existing plumbing pipes in place for convenience and to lower the overall job cost but replaces them with new pipes on the inside. Occasionally, you may only need a few sections replaced. But, if your home has signs of aging plumbing, your plumber might discuss the possibility of repiping the entire home.

What Happens During Repiping?

The exact process of repiping depends on how many feet of pipe the plumber replaces. For instance, the process for replacing a three-foot section of pipe will differ from repiping the entire home.

In all cases, though, the plumber will shut off the water to drain out the section they work on. For individual areas, they will cut out the bad pipe and install a new section, carefully connecting it with joints that match the needs of both the new and existing material.

For whole-house repiping, the plumber feeds flexible cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe through the existing supply lines. This new pipe lines the old plumbing system, using the same routes as the old pipes and eliminating the need to remove large sections of walls from your home.

How Long Does Repiping Take?

The exact amount of time required for a job depends on how much of your plumbing you need to be repiped. Even whole-home repipe jobs can differ in time based on the size of the home. Larger, multi-story homes will require more time to complete the task than smaller, single-story dwellings. When the plumber discusses the job with you, ask for a time estimate for a customized answer to this question.

How Long Does PEX Piping Last?

If you have your home’s plumbing replacing with PEX, you will enjoy a 25-year warranty on the manufacturing of the pipes. In fact, this pipe option is so convenient and long-lasting that up to 99% of new construction plumbers choose to install it in homes they build.

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