Hard water damage to your home extends beyond just making it harder to get a lather from soap in the shower. Over time, mineral deposits caused by hard water can clog faucets and showerheads and even lead to leaks. If you have hard water damage, you need a plumber to help you replace any damaged fixtures and to prevent future harm.

Why Hard Water Damage Happens

Hard water has high levels of minerals dissolved in it. While the water keeps in constant motion, these minerals remain in a fluid state with the water. However, when the water sits, the minerals separate out and deposit on surfaces. This may happen in water heater tanks or on showerheads when the water dries from the surface. For instance, mineral build-up on showerheads clogs the flow. Additionally, in a water heater, it can reduce the unit’s efficiency and lifespan. For pipes where mineral deposits happen, damage may occur from long-term build-up that results in clogs and reduced pressure.

Repairing Hard Water Damage

If you have poor water pressure in your pipes or plumbing fixtures, first, let us know. We can then replace the damaged pipes and fixtures to restore pressure and operation. Some appliances, such as water heaters, that sustain damage from hard water also need replacing. In fact, you may find advantages to replacing worn appliances. For instance, a tankless water heater does not have the same problems with hard water as a tank model. Consider this upgrade if you must replace your water heater.

Preventing Damage from Hard Water Deposits

To avoid the need to replace your fixtures and pipes in the future, consider having the plumber install a whole home water softening system. Water softeners mitigate the damage of hard water coming into your home by chemically counteracting the minerals dissolved in the water. Talk to one of our plumbers about water treatment options for your lifestyle and home.

Let Best Service Plumber Help With Your Hard Water Problems

If you have hard water, call us at 951-520-8557 to schedule a visit for one of our plumbers to assess the hard water damage your plumbing has. We can make repairs and help you with a water treatment option to prevent damage and future costly appliance replacements. At Best Service Plumber, we strive to give you the top service that you can find in Southern California.



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