One of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen often goes ignored until a problem occurs. The garbage disposal should break up food leftovers to flush down the water waste line. However, used incorrectly, this unit can have its blades dull or its motor burn out. Find out how to prevent problems, whether you can repair an existing issue, when to call a plumber, and when you need a new unit.

How to Prevent Disposal Problems

Preventing problems in a disposal unit will extend its life and let you avoid last-minute calls to a plumber. First, never put in unbreakable bones or fibrous vegetable matter into the disposal. Bones can shatter and send shards flying dangerously into the air. Fiber from vegetables, like celery, can wrap around the blades and entangle them, leading to jams.

Next, don’t attempt to continue running a jammed disposal. The unit will only burn out its motor since its blades cannot move.

Signs of a Problem and When to Call a Plumber

Most of the time, you may be able to fix a disposal problem yourself. If the unit has a jam, turn off the disposal and pull out the piece with pliers. Never put your hands or fingers into a disposal unit to avoid injury.

If your disposal does not break up food, fails to turn on, leaks, or has a jam that you cannot clear, you should call a plumber for repairs. These units may require specialty tools to remove or knowledge to fix. Therefore, a plumber will be your best option if your garbage disposal has a problem.

When You Might Need a New Garbage Disposal

You might need a new unit if the old one has its motor burned out. Ask the plumber conducting repairs if you will have better performance from getting your model repaired or by purchasing a new garbage disposal.

Call Us at Best Service Plumber for Garbage Disposal Repairs or Installation

While garbage disposals have a straightforward design, you should leave repairs and replacements to professionals. The combined use of water and electricity in these appliances and their sharp internal blades can create a danger for unwary DIYers. Contact us at Best Service Plumber at 951-356-9746 if you want to have your garbage disposal fixed before the holidays. With a new or repaired model, your home disposal will be able to handle the extra food waste from holiday feasts.


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