Part of your plumbing system is the water that enters your home. This water supplies all your plumbing appliances. However, it also is the same water that you drink from your refrigerator dispenser or kitchen tap. If the thought of unfiltered tap water makes you think twice about filling your glass, consider contacting Best Service Plumber to have water treatment systems installed in your home.

What Is Water Treatment?

Water treatment includes both purification and filtration. Filtration is the simplest form of treatment and involves sending your home’s water supply through a series of filters to remove particles, minerals, and unnatural flavors. This treated water then supplies your whole house with better flavored and softer water. The filtered and softened water protects your home’s pipes and provides you with better tasting water all around your home.

Purified water goes through a reverse osmosis process to completely remove as many dissolved solids in the water as possible. The additional time required for purification versus filtration means that you can only have purified water from individual taps that each have a reverse osmosis system installed on them. This type of water is best for drinking. So, you only need to install these devices onto taps that supply drinking water.

Why Does a Plumber Need to Install Water Treatment Devices?

Because both home water filters and purification devices are complex, they require a plumber for installation. These systems are much more powerful in their filtration and purification capabilities than over-the-counter systems that screw onto a faucet or pitchers that only filter a few cups of water. Therefore, if you want more water treated in your home, you need to have a plumber provide the equipment.

Contact Best Service Plumber for Water Treatment System Installation

For high quality filtered or purified water, pick up the phone and call Best Service Plumber at 951-338-8759 to set up a visit from one of our plumbers for a water treatment system installation. You can also contact us through our website if you have questions that you want answered before making your appointment. Make this year the year that you start drinking healthier, better tasting water thanks to the plumbing experts at Best Service Plumber in southern California.



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