Which is the better choice? Heat pump or furnace 


Heat pump or furnace? Which is the better choice? Heat pumps are a part of the central cooling and heating system. It uses outside air for heating your home during winter. It cools your home during the summer season. This means that your heat pump will work alternatively as an AC and a heater during both seasons. Heat pumps are quite energy-efficient and constantly move the air from one place to another. In winter, the pump will extract heat from air outside or the ground and spread it in your home. During summer, the hot air inside the house is thrown out, and cool air is brought in by the heat pump.


A furnace also functions as a central cooling and heating system. It converts the fuel into heat which is distributed in your home. The furnace has four components: a burner, which burns and delivers fuel, a blower, heat exchanger, and an exhaust for by-products of gaseous substances.


Now let’s see the difference between heat pumps and furnaces.

Heat pump or furnace? What is the difference between the two?

1. Cost

When you first have to buy a heat pump or furnace, you would want to know its price. Initially, you must consider what your home is equipped with. Homes that can directly access natural gas can find a furnace to be an affordable choice. On the other hand, a home that does not have access to natural gas will have to pay more to install a furnace. But, generally, heat pumps are more affordable than a furnace.

2. Use of energy

A heat pump possesses a greater amount of energy efficiency. Furnaces can generate heat, while a heat pump can only transfer heat. So, heat pumps need a lesser amount of energy for their operation. However, a heat pump has to work more efficiently than a furnace to keep your house warm. In case you live in a place where there is a cold climate, you can opt for furnaces instead of heat pumps.

3. Comfort

The heat generated by a heat pump or furnace differs from each other. As the heat of a furnace emerges from a flame, it can make you feel dry and hot as it hails from the vent. But some people enjoy this intense heat.


Heat pumps usually circulate humid air as it hails from the environment. It will not feel like the intense heat of a furnace, and it will also not make your skin dry.


Moreover, heat pumps help in cooling your home. While they do not have the central air conditioner power but in mild climates, heat pumps are able to make your home feel comfortable throughout the year.

4. Durability

Heat pumps can last for fifteen years. However, to make it last, this long, regular maintenance is important. The refrigerants and pumps may require replacing during this time.


A furnace has a longer lifespan than heat pumps. It can therefore last up to twenty years with maintenance.

5. Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance requires more involvement than furnace maintenance. To take care of heat pumps, keep them clear of snow and ice during winter. You must remove debris, leaves, and plants collected around your heat pump. This will help in promoting the flow of air. In addition, change the air filters once every month. Also, clean the coils when you find them dirty.


To maintain your furnace, you must change filters regularly and vacuum inside the unit. This makes your furnace run efficiently. You can even clean the flame sensor with sandpaper before each heating season.


We have discussed some of the differences between a heat pump and a furnace. You can choose heat pumps if you have a low budget and need something more energy efficient. On the other hand, you can also opt for furnaces because they have a long life span compared to a heating pump. Moreover, you can clean a furnace more easily than you clean a heat pump. Furnaces also work better in cold climates.


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