Water heaters are one of the most used and least appreciated appliances in the home. After all, most of the time, they operate without problems for years and stay hidden in a closet or remain outside. However, you still need to know the average water heater lifespan to help you make better decisions about when to replace your unit and which type to install as a replacement.

What Is the Storage Water Heater Lifespan?

Storage water heaters are a popular option due to their low installation costs and ability to provide water for large households. However, these units only last for eight to 12 years, on average. If you care for the storage tank water heater, the life expectancy can increase to the higher end of this range.

One of the biggest causes of a shorter water heater lifespan for a tank model is the buildup of mineral deposits on the heating anode rods and interior of the tank. When the heating rods become covered in limescale, they become much less efficient. Lime deposits inside the tank may also cause leaks. Therefore, regular flushing and maintenance can go a long way toward improving your storage tank heater’s life.

What Is the Tankless Water Heater Lifespan?

According to Rinnai, one of the brands of tankless water heaters we offer at Best Service Plumber, their models last for 20 years. However, this value comes from the ideal operation of the heater. The lifespan that you get out of your tankless water heater depends on the hardness of your water, whether you regularly flush and maintain the appliance, and if you had it professionally installed. Regardless of other factors, on average, tankless water heaters last twice as long as storage tank units, offsetting the initially higher installation cost of the former.

Things You Can Do to Get the Longest Life from Your Water Heater

To help your tankless or tank water heater last as long as possible, make sure to schedule annual maintenance. This may include flushing and checking for leaks and other issues that may cause inefficient operation.

Another way to improve operation is by installing a whole-home water softener to reduce minerals in the water, which prevents limescale buildup in the unit. These water softeners also protect the rest of your plumbing system from the damage caused by mineral deposits.

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