While not a glamorous job, the toilets in your Southern California home need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We regularly clean the toilet bowls, but did you know that the tanks of toilets also need to be cleaned semi-annually?

Even though the toilet tank never comes in contact with dirty water, it still needs to be maintained. In fact, often there are rust stains or sediment that needs attention. In addition, issue like rusted metal chains, mineral buildup occurs, or bacterial deposits release odors can occur.

Best Service Plumber has these tips for the semi-annual deep cleaning of the toilets in your home for a cleaner and more efficient restroom.

How to Deep Clean the Toilets in Your Southern California Home 

  • Empty the Tank – Turn off the water to the tank via the shutoff valve near the bottom of the toilet. After a few flushes, the tank should be empty.
  • A Good Scrub – Scrubbing the toilet tank using a tough brush can make your toilet tank look new again. 
  • Attack Tough Stains – Chemical solutions often work better on stubborn stains. Filling your tank with a vinegar solution overnight will work wonders on stubborn stains. Lemon juice as well as bleach are also great solutions for stains.
  • Disinfect – Popular commercial cleaners work well to clean the inside of the toilet tank. Simply spray inside of the tank to kill any existing bacteria.
  • Clean Tank Mechanisms – Be sure to wipe down the float, flapper, chain, and other parts of the toilet tank and replace any worn parts at this time. 
  • Refill the Tank – After cleaning, turn the water valve back on, give the toilet a flush, and refill the tank. 

Best Service Plumber in Southern California can help clean and maintain the toilet tanks in your Southern California home. Contact us today to schedule a convenient time for our technician to perform maintenance on your plumbing system. 


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