You know that drinking water is recommended by doctors and nutritionists as a healthier alternative to sodas or sports drinks. However, drinking enough water can be difficult, especially when the weather isn’t as hot as during the summer. Even in the winter, though, you will need to drink more water. Here are some tips for ensuring that you stay hydrated no matter what time of year or temperature it is.

Winter and Dehydration

While temperatures in southern California in the winter don’t match the frigid conditions of places located further north, if you live at a higher elevation, you may experience cold enough weather to keep your heater running. Because cold air cannot hold as much moisture as hot air, winter conditions tend to be dryer. Also, if you run your heater, you will likely dry yourself and your skin out.

Consequently, the combination of sitting in a heated space and the cold, dry air outside leads to your body becoming parched. Signs that you need to drink more water in the winter include dry skin, parched lips, and feeling thirsty.

How to Drink More Water in Winter

During the winter, you may not want to drink cold water as often because it will cool your body off. However, drinking water can help your body to regulate its temperature, making any room feel more comfortable. If cold water is too chilly, though, you can drink hot, non-caffeinated drinks. Think herbal teas or even some apple cider. You can have an herbal tea without waiting for water to boil if you have a hot water dispenser in your kitchen.

Another way to drink more water in winter is by adding some non-sugary flavor. You can stir herbal teas with a cinnamon stick. Or you may want to add slices of in-season citrus fruits to your water glass. Instead of the more common lemon slice, try a slice of grapefruit or lime.

Make Your Water Taste Better By Taking Out Contaminants

If you don’t want to add anything to your water to encourage yourself to drink more, consider taking things out of your water. For example, consider a water filtration or purification system. Reverse osmosis systems take out almost all of the impurities from your water and 96% of the dissolved solids. The resulting water from your tap is as fresh and pure as you can get.

Getting rid of contaminants can make it easier for you to drink more water all year long, not just in the winter.

Let Best Home Water Treatment Systems Help You to Improve Your Water

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