If you need a new water heater, you may have heard about the efficiency of tankless models. But is a tankless water heater the best option for your home? The answer depends on several factors.

Initial Costs and Operating Costs

How much do you have to spend initially? Tankless models cost more than tank storage units to purchase and install. In fact, tank water heaters are among the most cost-efficient for the original purchase price. However, don’t only compare the installation costs. Also, look at the longevity and energy use of each. Tankless water heaters can last almost twice as long as tank models and are up to 34% more energy-efficient than tank models, which could save you on your utility bills for the life of the water heater.

Number of People in Your Home

How many people do you have in your home? If you have a large family, you may choose a single large tank model water heater or several tankless models installed in parallel. For families that use multiple hot water appliances at the same time, a single tankless model could have problems producing enough hot water. However, you can choose several tankless models to provide the hot water needs of the entire house. It could be a more energy-efficient option compared to keeping a large tank unit heated continuously.

Frequency of Use of the Water Heater

How often you use hot water is another factor. For instance, if you want a water heater for a vacation home or a guest bathroom, a tankless water heater is the best option. This type of heater will provide the necessary water heating when needed but not waste energy keeping water hot when no one is using the space. Even if you regularly use hot water, a tankless water heater offers greater energy efficiency compared to tank models.

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