Can you replace your own water heater in California? Technically, yes, but you don’t want to.
The California Plumbing Code outlines the requirements that plumbers have to follow to safely repair, replace, or install fixtures in homes. Replacing your water heater is also covered under these regulations. So, whoever replaces your water heater must follow every requirement or face a failure at the inspection.

Permits Before Starting your Water Heater Replacement

Water heater replacement requires a permit before starting work. Plumbers obtain these permits frequently and can get one before starting work easily. However, for homeowners, the process takes time to go in person to the local building permitting department to get the required paperwork. Without a permit, you cannot have a new water heater installed.

Strict Requirements

In California, earthquakes are a reality, and water heaters, especially tank models, that have gallons of heated water can become dangerous if they fall over. Therefore, the plumbing code requires seismic straps to secure the new water heater in place.
Other requirements from the code include venting based on the water heater’s location. Garage and attic appliances have different venting needs than units installed inside bathrooms. Professional plumbers understand these requirements and keep up-to-date with the latest changes in the code.

Inspection of your Water Heater Replacement

The permit also alerts the local authorities that your home will need an inspection of the new water heater after installation. This process involves a certified inspector coming to your home to verify that the water heater’s installation meets all requirements of the code.
Professional water heater replacement increases the chances of passing the inspection the first time. Homeowners who choose a DIY route may face problems at the inspection, costing additional fees to make repairs and have the appliance reinspected.

Don’t Try to DIY Water Heater Replacement! Contact the Experts at Best Service Plumber

You won’t save money with DIY water heater replacement. In fact, the time and money that you spend in getting the permits, buying the unit, purchasing tools, and installing the appliance may surpass what you have available, extending the time and going beyond the budget you originally planned for the project. Contact Best Service Plumber for quality, professional water heater replacement. We give you a variety of options from well-known brands such as Rinnai, Rheem, and Westinghouse. Let us get your new water heater installed quickly, so you can enjoy hot water again.


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