Believe it or not, how we take a shower can have an effect on our home’s plumbing system. While this may seem odd at first, consider some of these things we do that may wreak havoc on the plumbing in our California homes.

How Your Shower May Be Ruining Your Plumbing

  • Hair in the Drain – Hair clogs are one of the most frequent reasons for drain clogs in Southern California California homes. Accumulation of hair over time can cause damage to your plumbing system. Signs of a hair clog include slow running drains which eventually will entirely block the drain. A drain cover is a great way to help avoid this issue.
  • Damp Floors in the Bathroom – Our bathroom floors get wet every single day. Always make it a habit to check for standing water near the shower or bathtub. Take note of whether the water is from you versus a leak in the plumbing of your California home. A bath/shower mat works well to absorb excess moisture so that it does not cause damage to the floors.
  • Hard Water Can Wreak Havoc on Plumbing – Hard water can be so abrasive that it can actually block the nozzles of your shower head. When you start to notice a dry, white, substance on the nozzles, this is the residue from the hard water. Cleaning with vinegar can help to remove the residue from the nozzles and allow water in your California home to flow well. A water treatment system from Plumbing Concepts in Southern California will help soften water and resolve these issues.

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