If you have a vacation home, you still need hot water. While many people simply choose the cheapest water heater option for a second home because they won’t live full time at the property, you should weigh all the options. A tankless water heater could ultimately save you money and last longer in your second home, giving you more hot water over time.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater for a Vacation Home

A tankless water heater is an ideal solution for a vacation home because these units only run when you need hot water. You only spend energy to heat water when needed, reducing energy costs. Storage tank models keep the large tank full of water hot, even if the home is uninhabited. This wastes energy and money.

Some people shut off the water heater during the times of the year when they are not at the vacation home. However, if you turn off the water heater during the off-season, bacteria can grow in the water remaining in the tank, which might require you to flush the heater before using water from it. Tankless models are always ready to provide you with safe, hot water.

If you have an RV or houseboat, note that you cannot have a tankless water heater installed. These properties have different requirements for water heaters, which tankless models don’t fit. Rinnai does not manufacture models for RVs or houseboats, but the company does have options for mobile homes.

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

The savings from a tankless water heaters come from how it works. A tankless water heaters activates once you turn on the hot water. The heater sends water through the unit and heats it as it passes by the heating elements. When you shut off the hot water tap, the heater stops heating. Since the unit heats water when you need it, another name for a tankless water heater is an on-demand model.

Installing and Maintaining a Tankless Unit

For installing and maintaining a tankless water heater in your vacation home, you need professional service. Trying a DIY approach could be dangerous since these heaters usually use gas for fuel. Plus, not having a plumber install the heater could void the product warranty. Contact a professional plumber for installation and maintenance of your tankless water heater, which will need annual flushes to keep up the warranty and extend its life.

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