Disposing of things like grease from cooking in your disposal, items other than tissue in your toilets, and dental floss in your sink can cause major plumbing and drain issues. Clogs, backed up drains, and other plumbing issues are no fun.

While the plumbing system in your California home is tough, it does have its limits. Here are some tips from the pros at the best plumber service in Southern California, Plumbing Concepts, of things you should never put down the drain in your home.

Things to Avoid in Your Drains

  • Diapers and Hygiene Products – Neither of these items can properly flush in a toilet. They will get stuck and a professional plumber will need to be called. Not only can these items get lodged inside your toilet, but they can also clog the plumbing outside of your house, which can be costly.
  • Hair – Although a small amount of hair is ok for your drains, the problem is that it builds up each day and can become a major issue. Both hair as well as dental floss can stick to pipes and cause costly repairs, so it is best to avoid brushing your hair directly over the sink if possible.
  • Oil and Grease from Cooking – It is so easy to pour oil and grease from food directly down the drain in your kitchen, but it is important to avoid this habit. Oil and grease can adhere to the sides of your pipes and harden, resulting in major drain clogs.
  • Paper Products – While toilet paper is designed specifically to dissolve in water, other paper-type items like cotton balls, paper towels, and napkins cannot be safely flushed and can cause a plumbing blockage.

The experienced professionals at Plumbing Concepts in Southern California, CA can help with your drains and plumbing needs. Call us if you think you may have a drain issue, and we will promptly arrive to offer the best service plumber in Southern California!


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