If you like to make your own minor repairs around the house, be aware that you could be making some issues worse. There are several plumbing repair mistakes that homeowners make without realizing it. These errors can worsen existing problems or cause issues in the future.

Connecting the Wrong Types of Material

Did you know that bridging pipes with the wrong type of material could cause corrosion? Most homeowners don’t know this. Therefore, among the most common plumbing repair mistakes is using copper piping to connect to the galvanized pipes.

These two metals create an electrochemical reaction that leads to holes developing where they touch. You can use a dielectric union to solve the problem. This piece of material prevents the two metals from touching each other while creating a bridge in the pipe.

Twisting Connections Too Tight

Another major issue that homeowners make when doing their own plumbing repairs is twisting pipe fittings too tight. This problem is especially bad with installing or repairing toilets. If you tighten bolts holding a toilet down too much, the extra force will crack the porcelain, requiring you to replace the entire toilet.

Even with other types of piping, excessively tight bolts or fittings can lead to cracks and leaks later. Tighten the connections until they hold well together and the bolt or fitting is completely in place. If you find yourself using extra force to turn a wrench, you are tightening the connection too much.

Not Using Plumbing Tape Correctly

Plumbing tape is a great tool for sealing the threads between pipes and fixtures. However, homeowners make plumbing repair mistakes by putting the tape on backward or not using the right kind.

The tape should go around the pipe clockwise to properly tighten into place when you screw the connections together. If you put it on backward, it will unravel as you tighten the pipe, resulting in leaks.

Additionally, you need to use the right type of tape. White tape is for use with water pipes while the yellow tape is for gas lines. If you have compression fittings, skip the tape, you will disrupt the connection if you use tape with this type of fitting.

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