What Takes Place At The Time Of A Plumbing Inspection? 

In a plumbing inspection, there is a detailed analysis and assessment of the current plumbing system of your home. This helps in identifying potential hazards and risks. Below, we will be explaining in detail what takes place during the plumbing inspection.

What happens during a plumbing inspection?

1. Sewer and Drain Lines

At the time of a plumbing inspection, there will be an examination of the sewer and drain lines. The function of the sewer lines is to carry the waste water out of your house and into the septic system. On the other hand, the drain lines carry the wastewater to the primary sewer line.

Plumbers use drain cameras to detect blockage and clogs in the sewer pipes and the drain. If they see any type of blockage, they will suggest cleaning these lines.

2. Water pressure

Low water pressure can affect your life. You may feel frustrated while entering your shower or when you are getting ready for a few minutes, and there is an interruption because of low water pressure. Therefore, resolving your low water pressure issues can prevent stress and save you a lot of money in the long run.

A proper plumbing inspection can locate the cause of low water pressure that may occur due to clogs, small pipes, or water leakages. 

3. Flexible hoses

Flexible hoses are important in many homes. They are a replacement for copper pipes. It helps in saving the plumbers money along with their time. However, if they become disintegrated, they can change into a flood, causing damage worth thousands of dollars. Thus, checking the flexible hoses is also essential.

4. Leakages in the air vents

Looking for this kind of leakage will be done by paying close attention to hearing the vents where the screws may have become loose due to wear and tear or age. If there is a leakage, the screws need some tightening.

5. Bathroom plumbing

If there is a bathroom on every level of your house, the plumbers will then check for cracks and leaks in your toilet. They will do this by looking up the bowl to ensure there is no water present over there. In addition, they will be checking the drains near the tub, sink, and bathtub. They will also go through fixtures that are over them, like the air vents. There can be problems of leaks in these areas with structural rot and mold growth if it is not quickly addressed.

The inspector will ensure to review the toilet by removing the base. This is done by turning the lever on the side and holding a mirror beneath it. It will open the trap door up, allowing you to see clearly inside.

The importance of getting a plumbing inspection

1. To check the current situation 

A house plumbing inspection will let you know about the current situation of your plumbing. You can learn different things, including the potential issues and its current health.

2. Potential Services in the future

Getting a plumbing inspection done will allow you to plan for the future. In the present, your plumbing system may not need much attention. However, some things may require to be addressed within a few years or months.

Knowing these issues will allow you to plan early for them. As a result, you will be able to save the money you will likely pay for them in the future and avoid unexpected and significant repair bills.

3. Immediate Services

A plumbing inspection will help you get access to immediate services. You will not know that there is a leak present until a plumbing inspection tells you, and this can help you fix it before allowing the problem to become much worse. If there is no plumbing inspection from time to time, you may miss out on a leak, so immediate services will help you address and resolve this problem quickly. 

How can you get ready for a plumbing inspection?

If you want to truly get the best out of the investment of a plumbing inspection, you must start preparing. Initially, you have to ask for a checklist of a plumbing inspection. In case you are getting a final, rough-in inspection on a remodel or a construction job, you can conduct some online research so there can be final adjustments before the day of the inspection. If you fail to check a day for your inspection, it can cause unexpected delays in the project. 

You can take a piece of paper before the arrival of the plumber so that you can write some significant notes. You must pay special attention to the parts or the appliances that soon require replacement. If you are comfortable, you can even ask about the expected lifetime of certain important appliances. This way, you can start planning things before your plumbing inspection. 


If your home needs a plumbing inspection, you must complete it at the earliest possible time. As a result, you will avoid certain minor problems that can otherwise turn into major issues in the future. So, getting a plumbing inspection is crucial to check for any existing problems and save you money and time.

The plumber or the inspector at the time of the plumbing inspection will thoroughly check your plumbing system. Due to this, they will be able to identify any leaks that might be present and prevent them from disrupting your plumbing system from the very beginning.

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