Don’t think plumbing leaks can happen in your home? Think again. Leaks are more common than you might think. The average home in America wastes up 10,000 gallons of water annually. Plus, a significant number of homes, 10%, leak more than 90 gallons daily. These, often hidden, problems can cause serious damage that is expensive to repair and will worsen the longer you ignore the problem. Find out more about the seriousness of plumbing leaks and how to correct them.

Damage Plumbing Leaks Can Do

Plumbing leaks raise your water utility bills. Even if you don’t change the amount of water you use, your bills will go up with leaks around the house.

Additionally, a leak inside a wall will damage the drywall and insulation. Water damage from a pipe leak may consequently require that you replace the leaking pipe, the surrounding insulation, drywall, and the wood studs. The extensive repairs required from water leaks can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on how much of your home was impacted by the damage.

In some cases, you might have mold growing inside your walls. This mold can worsen existing allergies or asthma. If one of your family members has breathing problems that mysteriously get worse, have your home checked for plumbing leaks and mold.

How to Find Plumbing Leaks

Higher utility bills or water stains indicate leaks somewhere in your home. But, you might hear your toilet running even after the tank fills. Alternatively, you could see warm or cold spots on your slab.

If you suspect a leak, the best way to find it is by calling a plumber. Leak detection is one of the skills plumbers have. Plus, their trucks have the equipment needed to find hidden leaks in the slab or inside the walls. To reduce the damage from leaks, contact a plumber as soon as you suspect a problem.

Repairing Plumbing Leaks

Trust a plumber to repair your running toilets, dripping faucets, and leaking pipes. A professional can find and repair more leaks than homeowners can. Plus, with Best Service Plumber, we have confidence in our work and will ensure that you are satisfied. If not, we’ll return to correct any issues.

Ensure That You Find and Fix All Leaks Throughout Your Home With a Call to Best Service Plumber

Don’t waste money and water by leaving leaks unnoticed. Now is the time to get your plumbing leaks repaired. If you’re in Southern California, you need our experts at Best Service Plumber for professional leak detection and repair. We can help you to save money and avoid severe damage in your home. Don’t wait. Reach out to us today by phone 951-338-8718 or online at Best Service Plumber.









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