When To Call a Plumbing Professional?


All households end up having plumbing issues at one point in time or the other. However, sometimes the issues are not as easily identifiable, and you may realize the need to call a plumbing professional after the problem worsens. You may also think that you can fix the problem on your own, and maybe most times, you can. But the following are the signs you must call a plumbing professional. Best Service Plumber has listed down the signs you need to call a plumbing professional to fix plumbing issues in your household. 

6 signs you need to call a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

  1. The sink is taking ages to drain

Be it a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink; if it is not draining as quickly as it used to once upon a time, you probably need to call a plumbing professional. Food grains are usually the reason your kitchen sink gets blocked, along with accumulated soap. Soap is also the reason your bathroom sinks can get blocked. Hair and other foreign objects also contribute to the blockage of your sinks and result in slow drainage. 

  1. Your pipes have frozen due to the winter

If you haven’t been preparing your plumbing systems for winter, your pipes may freeze in the winter. When this happens, your pipes are at risk of breaking, cracking, or bursting. Needless to say, a damaged pipe can create havoc and waste tonnes of water. Also, it can damage your property as a whole. If your pipes have frozen over, call a plumbing professional for assistance before pipes face any damage. 

  1. You are experiencing low water pressure from your taps

When you experience low water pressure from your taps, your instinct is to poke the tiny holes in the aerator of the faucet with something sharp. But in the long term, this act further damages the faucet. If any of your taps are experiencing low water pressure, it is due to the clogging up of minerals and dirt from the water. You should call a plumbing professional to clean up these and get your water running at full pressure. 

  1. There is a leaky faucet

This is perhaps one of the most ignored plumbing issues. You probably think, “oh it is just a small leak, just a few drops!” But surprisingly, these few drops of leaky water can accumulate and cause you to waste more than 10 thousand liters of water a year. Connect with a plumbing professional, and they would suggest if you require minor repairing to your faucet or replacing the entire faucet. 

  1. Your water is not warming or taking ages to warm up even slightly

If you are facing this issue, chances are there is an issue with your furnace. However, there may be other issues involved too. Routine maintenance of the furnace or replacement of the entire system can help fix the water heating problem. Nonetheless, call a plumber to determine which solution is best for your water heating problem. Also, if you need to replace a furnace, your plumber will also be able to help you out with the selection of the best furnace according to your needs. 

  1. Your toilet flush has turned infinite

If you flushed your toilet hours ago, but it is still draining water, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. This issue perhaps wastes the most water. A seal joins your commode’s tank and bowl. Water can enter if this seal is compromised in any way, causing the tank to need to be refilled repeatedly. You may require a change of this seal or the entire flushing system of your toilet. A plumber will help you out best in a situation and identification of the problem nonetheless. 


If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, you need to call a plumbing professional as soon as possible. It is extremely important to solve these issues as soon as possible because otherwise, the problems may become so worse that the entire plumbing system may require a replacement. You don’t want this, as this will take more time, energy, and money. 

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