Slow drains have several causes, many of which are preventable. However, if one or more of your drains don’t flow as quickly as they should, there are some things that you should avoid and some that you should do.

Cause of Slow Drains: Hair Clogs

Hair clogs can cause your drains to move slowly and eventually stop. The combination of hair and soap scum makes the problem especially bad. However, you can try to use a drain cleaning tool for removing hair if you have a slow shower or tub drain, which are the most likely places to have hair clogs. To prevent these types of clogs, use a screen over your tub or shower drain to catch hair before it flows into your plumbing.

Cause of Slow Drains: Grease Buildup

Grease buildup is one of the biggest causes of drain clogs and slow drains. Never pour any type of cooking grease down the drain or use your garbage disposal for processing greasy foods. Doing so will cause a grease blockage that slows or stops your drain. If you have a slow drain and plunging doesn’t help, call a plumber to have it properly cleared without harsh chemicals.

Serious Cause of Slow Drains: Foundation Problems or Tree Roots in Sewer Line

Sometimes, slow drains serve as warning signs of serious problems, which is why you need a plumber to evaluate the issue if you cannot clear the drain yourself. In fact, sometimes, serious issues with your home or plumbing can disrupt your plumbing.

Foundation problems can shift the underground drain lines from your home to prevent waste from leaving the area quickly. Tree roots can also grow through pipes or shift pipes underground. Your plumber may suspect one of these issues if you have slower drains throughout your home. They can use a camera to look into the lines to find the problem and decide on the best repair method.

Fix for Slower Drains: Call Us at Best Service Plumber

If your basic clearing and prevention methods don’t work, contact a professional to tackle the job. Slower drains are in some ways more difficult to clear than total clogs. Skip the liquid drain cleaners and call us at Best Service Plumber for professional, safe drain cleaning that will restore your plumbing to move. Don’t damage your drain lines with home remedies for clearing your drains. Let us do the work for you.






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