Just like the other components of your home, your plumbing system will need occasional checkups. Before your plumbing gets heavy use during the holidays, schedule a plumbing inspection. During this time, you can have a plumber find and repair minor issues before they cause you major headaches.

Why the Holidays Are Tough on Plumbing Systems

The holiday season brings many challenges for your plumbing system. In fact, your plumbing will have to deal with extra water run for cooking holiday meals and the cleanup after. Additionally, at the end of December, most people take time off school and work and stay at home. During this time, they will use the toilets, tubs, showers, sinks more often, putting more stress on the plumbing.

Rich holiday meals also mean needing to dispose of grease. Too many people erroneously pour liquid cooking grease down the drain. While it may be liquid when hot, as flows down the waste pipes, it will cool and solidify. Once solid, the grease creates a plug that will stop your drains from flowing.

How a Plumbing Inspection Can Help

When you have a plumber check out your system, they will look for minor leaks or clogs and fix them before they worsen. In fact, many minor leaks that happen in the walls may not cause visible problems until they get so bad that they saturate the wall material with water, causing extensive damage from moisture and mold.

Plumbing Maintenance

A plumbing inspection can also include maintenance of some of your components. For example, if you have a tank water heater that is a year old and has not had a flushing, you could request a plumber to help with that service. If you start a regular annual schedule of flushing your tank water heater, you can extend its life by reducing the amount of mineral build up in it.

However, if your water heater is more than a year old, flushing may not be worth it. Ask the expert when you have a plumbing inspection about if you should have your water heater tank flushed. Other maintenance chores for water heaters include checking the valves and temperature to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently.

Schedule Plumbing Inspection Today to Have Peace of Mind Over the Holidays

While a plumbing inspection won’t guarantee that you won’t have problems with your plumbing, it can reduce the chances that you have an existing problem that gets worse and causes more damage. For questions or to set up a visit from one of our plumbers, call us at Best Service Plumber at 951-356-9631. Let us help you to have a happier holiday season with less worry about your plumbing.


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