Most people take their water heater for granted. They turn on a tap and get hot water without thinking. However, they do start to think about the appliance when the supply of hot water has problems or fails. 

In fact, these heaters do not last more than 20 years for the longest-lived tankless models. But, you could be doing some things in your home that shorten the life span of your water heater and reducing its efficiency. Find out what you might be doing to impact this appliance and how you can avoid cutting its lifespan prematurely short.

Not Treating Hard Water Going into the Heater

One of the biggest problems for water heaters is mineral buildup from hard water. This type of buildup is especially problematic for those with tank models that store water and keep it heated.

When minerals from hard water separate from the water, they collect on heating anodes and the bottom of the tank. These deposits can reduce the efficiency of electric heating elements and can cause pinhole leaks in the tank.

For homes with hard water, a water softener for the whole home can prevent hard water damage to water heaters and other plumbing appliances.

Failing to Drain a Tank Heater Annually

Tank models can have mineral buildup. However, if you have this style of heater, you can reduce the impact of that buildup by annually draining it. You should drain at least two to three gallons from the tank or until you no longer see sediments.

While this type of service can help, having a professional evaluation of the heater by a plumber who can check the connection and inspect the unit for leaks and other problems may help more.

Not Placing the Water Heater in the Right Location

Where do you keep the water heater? If you have the appliance outside or in a cold basement or outdoor room, it could put the system under extra stress to raise water temperature more in the cold environment. The extra stress on the unit could impact its efficiency.

Find a climate-controlled closet somewhere in the home to store the water heater. It will offer better access for repairs and service and keep the water heater from overworking by compensating for outdoor cold temperatures.

Replace Your Heater or Get Service from Best Service Plumber

Eventually, you will need a new water heater. When your current unit reaches the end of its life, contact us at Best Service Plumber for a replacement or call us at  951-338-8344. We can install the latest tankless models that can give you hot water for 20 years efficiently or a more efficient tank-style heater. Let us take a look at your home to help you choose the type of heater that will suit your plumbing and family’s needs.

With a new water heater and knowledge of how to make it last, you can get more efficient use and long life from it.


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