Your plumbing system will show minor symptoms before the complete failure of pipes, fixtures, or appliances. However, you need to be aware of the signs of potential home plumbing problems. You won’t always be able to tell the precise location where an issue stems from without professional equipment, such as when you have a slab leak or clog in a drain line. By recognizing when to call a plumber before your problems escalate can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs or damage to your home.

Low Pressure

Low pressure indicates some type of blockage in a drain or a leak. A leak will be more likely if you also have higher water bills coupled with a reduction in pressure.

In either case, you likely won’t find the source of the problem yourself. You need to contact a plumber to source the issue and restore your plumbing’s original pressure.

Slow Drains

Slow drains will eventually stop flowing. Often the culprit is soap scum or hair that builds up in a drain, especially in showers and tubs. However, tree roots growing into your home’s main sewer line could also slow flow out of the drains. If plunging a slow drain does not restore it, consider a call to Best Service Plumber.

Our plumbers have powerful water jets that can reach deep into a drain to clear it out. They also have cameras to see into the pipes to see if another problem is causing the slower drain.

Moist Areas on the Walls, Ceiling, or Floors

Moisture on your walls or floor may come from a pipe leak. Frequently, a moist spot in the slab is the only indication that you have a leak in your foundation. Call for a plumber to look at your plumbing to see if you have a leaking pipe that drips water into your walls or flooring.

Noisy Pipes

Noise in pipes often happens from vibrations. Sometimes called a water hammer, you may hear a banging or rattling sound. Several issues contribute to this problem. You may have unsecured pipes. But, high pressure or water suddenly changing direction can also make the pipes vibrate. Over time, the vibrations can wear away the weld joints, leading to leaks. Noisy pipes do not constitute an emergency but require attention as soon as possible.

Green Patch in the Yard

If the grass suddenly seems to be greener in one area of your lawn, you probably have a leaking sewer line or septic tank. The waste matter acts as a fertilizer for the patch of lawn over the leak. Having sewage flowing into your yard, in any amount, poses a health hazard. You may need to have the broken line replaced to restore your home’s drainage and make your yard a healthy place to be again.

Phone Best Service Plumber to Help Fix These Home Plumbing Problems

Whichever of the above issues you have or if you notice others, connect with Best Service Plumber to set up an appointment for evaluation and repairs. Our professionals have experience in making innumerable home plumbing repairs to our customers’ satisfaction. Let us be your go-to plumbers whenever your home needs service.


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