Your water heater sends subtle signals that something is not right with its operation. You could easily miss these signs that you need water heater repair if you don’t know what to look for. Pay attention the next time you take a shower or bath. Watch out for these signs that you might need a plumber’s help.

Heater Requires Regular Raising

You may have a problem with the water heater’s capability to warm water if you have to raise the temperature. Ideally, you should set the thermostat to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And leave it at that level for the life of the water heater. However, if you don’t feel that the water ever reaches that temperature, you compensate by increasing the thermostat. If you do this regularly, you likely have an issue that requires water heater repair.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Problems with the hot water lines or even the valve leaving the water heater could reduce the pressure of the hot water throughout your home. Mineral deposits from hard water can also lower the pressure. In some cases, you may have a poorly designed hot water delivery system in your home that requires a high degree of plumbing knowledge to repair. Because so many issues could cause low pressure from your hot water taps, call a plumber for the most complete assessment and repairs.

Hot Water Takes Longer to “Recharge”

For tank water heaters, if you use all the hot water, you must wait for the tank to refill and heat the new water before you can get hot water again. If this process takes longer than it did in the past, you may have a faulty heating element or scale deposits in the tank.

Sediment in the Hot Water

Minerals in the water heater indicate hard water that causes sediment inside the tank. This problem happens when these deposits break up and flow out of the tank through the hot water system. This sediment testifies to a lowered efficiency in your water heater from hard water. Discuss your options for water heater repair or replacement to fix the problem.

Phone Best Service Plumber for Water Heater Repair

Water heater problems rarely correct themselves. In fact, if you neglect the need to make minor repairs, you may need to replace the entire water heater for a greater cost. Unless you want to invest in a new water heater now, you will save money by calling us at Best Service Plumber. Our phone number is 951-338-8759 to schedule a visit for repairs of your existing water heater. Additionally, we now offer the convenience of online booking if you prefer.


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