There are so many indications that you may need water heater replacement that they all cannot fit into one post. This follow-up post includes additional signs that you need to watch out for when using your water heater to see if you need to call a local plumber with experience in water heater installation for a new model.

Water Under the Water Heater

You likely have a leak from somewhere in or around your water heater if you see water under the unit. Whether you need a water heater replacement depends on where the leak originates. Call a plumber in any case because you don’t want to handle leaking hot water from your water heater.

A leak from around a valve is a simple fix that a plumber can do by replacing the valve. If the leak comes from the temperature-relief valve, your water heater may heat the water too high. Such an issue could come from a faulty temperature-relief valve or a bad thermostat.

The worst case is if your tank leaks. A leaking water heater tank or tankless unit needs replacement to effectively stop the problem and restore effective heating of your home’s water.

Smelly Water

The water from your water heater generally is not for drinking because the unit does not heat the water to a boil, which would kill off germs in the water. However, it should not smell like anything other than water. If your hot water develops an aroma that seems metallic or musty, call a plumber. Such smells could come from bacteria growth from contaminants entering the unit or corrosion from the tank. Don’t take chances with your family’s health, have a plumber see if your water heater needs replacing or repairs to correct the cause of the smell.

Expensive, Frequent Repairs 

If your water heater seems to constantly have problems or needs expensive repairs, it may be close to the end of its lifespan. Compare the costs of repairs with the price of water heater replacement. If the former is more than 10% of the latter, have your plumber replace the unit instead of repair it. You will save money in the long term with a new, more efficient model.

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The longer you wait to replace your dying water heater, the more energy you’ll waste trying to get it to heat water. Plus, you’ll contend with side effects of an aging water heater, such as smelly or discolored water or a lack of adequate hot water. You need hot water to keep your family members and your home clean and healthy. Schedule your water heater replacement to get a new model installed from Rheem tankless water heaters, Westinghouse, Sure Comfort, or Rinnai. Trust our team at Best Service Plumber to help you with the process.











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