Spring is the perfect time to think about maintaining the plumbing system in your Southern California home. A regular schedule of maintenance to your system can help avoid serious issues and prevent costly damage in the future. Here are some things to put on your spring plumbing maintenance “to do” list, as recommended by the professionals at Best Service Plumber:

  • Check for Leaks in Pipes – Check for obvious leaks around faucets, under sinks, and any other places where pipes are visible in your home. Look for water spots that may have dried to spot some leaks.
  • Check for Leaks Around Toilets – When checking for leaks around toilets, always look in the bowl as well as in the tank to ensure your toilet and the plumbing is working properly.
  • Maintain Hot Water Heater – If the hot water heater in your California home is around 12 to 15 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it with a new, energy efficient tankless hot water heater.
  • Check Appliances – Check all appliances in your home that utilize water like dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators to ensure water supply hoses are in good shape and free of leaks. 
  • Outdoor Drains and Pipes – Be sure to check the different drains and pipes you have outside of your home. Drains, gutters, faucets, and pipes should be inspected for wear due to inclement weather during the winter season. 

Best Service Plumber in Southern California can help ensure your plumbing system is up and properly running as it should be, so it is ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Contact us today to take care of any issue you may be having with your plumbing system, and Best Service Plumber will be there with a quick solution to your problem. 


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