If you have high plumbing bills, you may have a leak in your home without knowing it. Slab leaks are a common cause of unexpectedly high bills. Since the pipes are hidden from view, you may not notice a leak until you get your utility bills. If you suspect a slab leak in your home, contact a professional for slab leak detection and repairs.

Signs of a Slab Leak

While to be certain of a slab leak, you should have a plumber use detection equipment, you may notice some indications that you have a problem in your pipes. Watch out for the following signs that you need to contact a plumber:

1. You Hear Running Water Even With the Taps and Water Fixtures Turned Off

Shut off all the water taps in your home and do not use the washing machine or dishwasher. Then, listen carefully to the walls and floor of your home. If you continue to hear running water, you may have a slab leak.

2. Foundation Problems

Water leaking around the slab can saturate the soil near your foundation. Over time, the moist soil will allow for your home’s foundation to shift and crack. If your neighbors have not experienced foundation problems but you have, you likely have not had regional shifting soils but a slab leak in your home.

3. Higher Water Bills

One of the most common indications of a leak in your pipes is a higher water bill. If your water use has not changed but your bills have, you need to have a plumber conduct a leak detection.

4. Lower Water Pressure

Plumbing leaks will reduce the amount of water that reaches your taps. If your shower does not seem to spray as forcefully as it did before or if your taps do not seem to give you enough water, you could have a leak.

What to Do If You Need Leak Detection

Finding plumbing leaks inside your home’s walls or slab is not a task for a homeowner. You need a plumber who can bring equipment such as leak detection cameras to find the location of the leak. Once they know which portion of your plumbing to target, they can replace the damaged portion of your piping to restore your home’s water pressure.

Contact Best Service for Leak Detection and Repairs

Don’t let a slab leak cause even more expensive problems with your foundation or water service. Contact Best Service Plumber for leak detection and repairs. You can start off the new year with better performing plumbing that doesn’t leak. Call 951-338-8759 for an appointment now.


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