Did you know that untreated slow drains may progress to full clogs? Did you also know that the two require different tactics for solving them? Do you really know what makes slow drains and full clogs different? If not, it’s something that every homeowner needs to know.

What Causes Slow Drains?

Slow drains often happen from hair clogs or a buildup of soap scum, especially if the drain is in your bathroom. You may be able to clear this type of slow-flowing drain with a number of home remedies, including plunging or pulling out hair from the drain. However, if water still moves slowly down the drain after using home fix-it methods, you could need a plumber to locate the problem and clear it.

What Leads to Full Clogs?

Without addressing slow drains, over time, the buildup worsens until it completely clogs the pipe. Full clogs cause water to stand in the drain without moving, even after several hours. These types of clogs may respond to plunging, but more likely, you will need to contact a plumber.

Home pipe snakes and plungers can only reach so far down the drain line. If you have a clog or buildup deeper into your plumbing system than these devices can reach, you won’t be able to clear the drain yourself. Therefore, don’t forget to have a plumber’s number on hand for drain cleaning.

How Do You Treat Slow Drains Versus Full Clogs?

Slow drains may have buildup that a plunger might not dislodge. You could try to melt soap scum by using baking soda and vinegar in the drain and finishing the treatment with a pot of boiling water. However, never use anything stronger than this mixture in your drains because you could damage your plumbing system. Yes, that means even chemical drain cleaners are not ideal. They can cause burns on your skin or eyes or harm a plumber who comes to repair your system.

Plungers may work better for clearing out full clogs. Try using a plunger first. If you have a home plumbing snake and know how to use it, you could try that method. However, these devices can scratch porcelain sinks or tubs when used in the wrong hands. If you cannot plunge out a clog, phone a plumber for help.

Reach Out to Best Service Plumber for Help with Full Clogs, Slow Drains, and Much More

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