Garbage disposals provide a convenient way to keep food out of landfills and reduce waste. However, if you misuse these appliances, you can cause more problems such as burned motors and clogs. Before you use your in-sink disposal unit next, make sure that you know the dos and don’ts of garbage disposals.

Do Run Cold Water During Use

When using garbage disposals, you should start running cold water into the sink first. Then turn on the disposal unit. Lastly, add the food waste while the water continues to run.

Cold water is important because it will not melt fats that could later solidify. Also, a steady stream of water ensures that the waste flows down the pipes without stopping and causing a blockage.

Do Keep Water Running After Turning Off the Disposal

Garbage disposals connect to the plumbing system. Therefore, you must ensure that the waste flows as far down the pipes as possible. Running cold water through the sink after you turn off the disposal ensures that the waste gets pushed along the pipes toward the sewer system with the force of the water.

Do Not Put Large Amounts of Food into Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal can only handle so much food waste. Try to cut waste into smaller pieces and feed a few at a time into the disposal unit. Putting too much food into the garbage disposal could put excess stress on the motor or clog the system.

Do Not Put Fat, Bones, or Grease into Garbage Disposals

Though garbage disposals have a design that makes them useful for breaking up food waste, there are some foods that you should not put into them. Never put fat, grease, or bones into your disposal. Fat and grease can solidify later in the plumbing system and stop other waste from reaching the sewer. Bones can wear out the blades or motor of the garbage disposal. They can also break into small, sharp pieces that could harm someone standing over the sink.

Do Contact a Plumber for Garbage Disposal Problems

If you have problems with your garbage disposal, don’t try to fix them yourself. These units use a combination of water and electricity and have sharp blades inside. Therefore, anyone not qualified should avoid making repairs or installations of these units.

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