Did you know that you may be doing things to cause plumbing damage in your home? Several common actions and inactions can increase the chances of clogs, leaks, or other plumbing problems. Check yourself to see if your daily habits could be shortening the life of your plumbing system components.

Plumbing Damage #1: Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Cooking grease while hot is typically in a liquid form. However, as it cools, it will solidify. Therefore, even if you can pour it down the drain in a viscous state, it will not stay that way. Further down the drain, it will lose heat. Pouring cold water down the drain after the grease hastens this cooling process, which can cause the grease to clog your drain closer to the kitchen sink. When the grease solidifies, it becomes a blockage that will keep all water from going down your drain or will reduce the flow rate of drainage.

If you have a slow or blocked drain in your kitchen and you regularly pour grease down the drain, suspect a grease blockage. Luckily, plumbers can readily fix these issues with high-pressure water jetting or other methods of breaking up clogs.

Plumbing Damage #2: Using the Toilet as a Trash Can

Clogs can also happen when the toilet becomes a trash can. Don’t put anything other than toilet tissue and human waste down the toilet. This restriction includes “flushable” wipes. While the packaging claims that these wipes are flushable, they do not break down and can cause waste line blockages in your home. If you want to use these wipes, throw them away in the trash instead of flushing them.

Plumbing Damage #3: Not Getting a Water Softener

Even mildly hard water can damage your plumbing, especially your water heater. When heated, the solids dissolved in hard water separate out and settle inside your plumbing to create scale. Inside the water heater, this translates to a loss of 8% efficiency for every 5 grains per gallon of water hardness. The drop in efficiency also corresponds to an 8% increase in operating costs for your water heater. Therefore, by getting a water softener for your home, you can make your water heater last longer and prevent scale that contributes to corrosion and reduced water flow.

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