Being a homeowner means taking care of all of the maintenance needs for your home on a regular basis. While your plumbing may not come to mind as something that needs attention often, there are actually some recommended monthly maintenance tasks that can keep the plumbing in your Southern California home running as it should. Spending a few minutes each month to check these items before they become bigger issues is always a good idea.

Recommended Monthly Plumbing Maintenance Tasks for Your California Home

  • Look under the bathroom and kitchen sinks for leaks
  • Check your washer hoses for leaks and obvious damage
  • Inspect shower heads for abnormal spray patterns and clean build-up as needed
  • To keep the pressure-balancing spools from getting stiff, turn on every shower and tub valve and let it cycle from hot/cold
  • Look under the refrigerator to ensure icemaker connection is free from leaks
  • Check toilets at the base for leaks and also for rocking toilets that could lead to a problem in the future
  • Inspect hoses on kitchen faucets for water leaks and excessive wear
  • Make sure to turn on your whirlpool tubs each month to ensure the system is working properly

With a few monthly inspections, you can ensure your home’s plumbing is running efficiently. If you feel you need professional help with the plumbing in your Southern California, CA home, the team at Plumbing Concepts is here to help with the best plumbing services in the area! 

Plumbing Concepts, Inc. Service & Repair division is among the elite in the industry. We use cutting edge technology to assure you that we will be there when you need us with the equipment and know-how to solve your problem.


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