You expect your toilet to perform as expected with every flush. However, even this simple fixture can have problems. Here are some basic ways to fix these issues and tips for when you should contact a plumber for toilet problems. 

Running Toilet 

After you flush a standard tank-type toilet, the tank empties into the bowl. Water should flow into the tank to refill it for no more than a minute. After that, you should no longer hear running water. If you return to the bathroom later, and continue to hear your toilet running, you may have a problem in the tank.

The flapper may not properly close to seal off the bowl from the tank or the fill valve does not work. You may need a new flapper or fill valve because both can wear out over time. If you have hard water, the flapper will have a higher chance of losing its seal. 

While some people feel confident enough to replace these parts on their own, consider contacting a plumber to get the job done properly. 


If you have a toilet that does not flush properly, you may only need to plunge it out to get the clog to more through. Never pour chemical drain cleaners down the toilet because these can damage the delicate porcelain of the bowl. If plunging does not clear the clog, contact a professional before you experience an overflow. 

Overflowing Toilet 

Overflow from your toilet creates a hazard in your bathroom from the waste that backs up into the room. You likely have a clog that is keeping the toilet from flushing or a more serious problem in your plumbing. Contact our emergency line at 951-520-8557 to get help with this problem. 


A leaking toilet can lead to water damage in the bathroom and inefficient operation. Because leaks can happen in several places, you should contact a professional to find and stop all the leaks around your toilet. You may want to upgrade to a more efficient toilet if your model is inefficient or has leaks in its structure. 

Keep Our Emergency Repair Number Ready 

The emergency number for us at Best Service Plumber is 951-520-8557. We have someone on hand 24/7 to answer this line. Whether you have an overflowing toilet or need a small leak repaired, contact us for service. 


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