Your toilet should flush and refill its tank without problems. However, wear to the moving parts such as the flapper and float can cause issues that make your toilet noisier than usual. Learn to identify the following toilet sounds to determine when you need to call a plumber.

Phantom Flush

Your toilet should only flush when you press the handle. However, a problem called phantom flush can cause toilet sounds that seem like a ghost is flushing the toilet. However, the sound does not happen from a normal flush. A phantom flush occurs when your toilet has a leak and the tank refills.

While most people associate leaks with water pooling somewhere, a toilet leak can happen internally or externally. The former causes water to leak from the tank into the bowl while the latter happens when water leaks out of the tank or bowl onto the floor. A plumber can find the source of the leak and repair it to stop your toilet from wasting water.

Dripping Water

Your toilet should not make noise after it refills from a flush. However, toilet sounds can include dripping water when you have a problem inside the tank. Dripping noises may happen from improperly seated or worn flappers, causing water to leak into the bowl.

Another cause of dripping sounds occurs when the fill tube siphons water from the tank’s overflow tube and sends it to the bowl. 

Humming Toilet Sounds

Humming toilet sounds could indicate a serious plumbing concern known as water hammer. But, the humming could also stem from a more benign issue such as an improperly installed ball cock inside the toilet tank. If a ball cock assembly causes the issue, you may need to have a plumber replace it with a modern fill valve.

Humming from pipe vibrations or water hammer, though, need a more thorough assessment of your plumbing system. Both water hammers and pipe vibrations cause the pipes to move, which can break weld joints or lead to leaks. These problems may cause banging sounds in addition to the humming. If you hear humming or banging, get a plumber to make repairs right away to avoid severe damage to your home.

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