Do you have a noisy water heater? Water heater sounds can be signs of normal operation or of problems. A few of those sounds were covered in a previous blog. Here are some more sounds that your water heater can make and what they might mean.

Knocking Sounds from Water Hammer

Water hammer can cause a loud knocking or banging sounds. While it may seem like these noises come from your water heater, they originate in the pipes. One of two common issues can produce a water hammer. First, high-pressure water flow that suddenly shuts off when you turn off the tap is one reason. The sudden stopping of water flow causes a banging sound.

Another cause of water hammer is from poorly hung pipes that lack adequate support. If you have a water hammer, a plumber can add more supports for pipes or install water hammer arrestors. These help to maintain even pressure in the pipes, even after you shut off a valve, preventing the knocking, banging noises.

Screeching Noises Caused by Water Flow Restriction

Screeching sounds usually indicate a reduced flow of water. It may start with the water coming into your home or the water flowing through the inlet valve into the water heater. Opening this inlet valve more might stop the sound. However, you may need a plumber to replace the valve if adjusting it does not stop the noise.

Sizzling Sounds from Leaks

Leaks can produce sizzling noises. Also look for water around the heater, which is another sign of a leak. If you have this issue, contact a plumber at once to have your water heater repaired. Don’t let a leak continue. It can get worse. Let a plumber fix it before your water heater loses efficiency.

Reach Out to Best Service Plumber for a Professional Assessment of Your Water Heater Sounds

Your water heater sounds could indicate an issue. If you’re not certain or if the sounds seem continuous, contact us at Best Service Plumber. We offer water heater repairs, maintenance, and replacement for Southern California residents. Let us know about your water heater concerns and we’ll help you to restore the operation of your water heater or assist you in finding a new water heater.









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