Water heaters require regular maintenance to keep them operating well. Part of the upkeep you need to do is flushing the unit. Whether you have a tankless or tank model, this might be a difficult and messy job to do yourself. Let a professional handle it and give your unit a quick checkup at the same time to ensure that it does not have leaks or signs of corrosion. With regular flushing of the system, your water heater can last longer than it would if you skipped this step.

What Is a Water Heater Flush?

A water heater flush empties the system to remove sediment from the unit. The process differs significantly for tank and tankless models. When deciding whether to DIY or have a plumber do the flush, remember that a plumber will also inspect the water heaterto verify that it does not have any other problems that need repairs. So, calling a plumber will be a better option if you want to keep your water heater working well.

How Often Should You Flush Your Water Heater?

Flushing is especially important in areas with hard water, which includes much of Southern California. The frequency of flushing depends on your water hardness. Generally, in areas such as Southern California with hard water, once a year is enough.

What Happens If I Don’t Flush My Water Heater?

When heated, the minerals in the hard water separate and sink to the surfaces inside the heater. Electric tank units have these sediments coat the heating elements or block the drain valve. Even tankless models can have issues with this buildup inside the system. Over time, the minerals build up to a thick coating that can corrode the tank or block the heating elements from doing their work. Flushing prevents this from happening.

For tankless water heaters, flushing is part of the manufacturer’s required care for the unit. Neglecting to have the model annually serviced and flushed will void the warranty, which could cost you if you need repairs in the future.

In Southern California, Get Water Heater Services from Best Service Plumber

If you need service, repairs, or a replacement of your water heater, turn to the professionals thousands in Southern California have trusted for decades. Our experts at Best Service Plumber can help maintain your water heater to keep it working well, despite the hard water in the area. Or, if you need repairs or want to upgrade to a more efficient model, we can help with those tasks, too. Contact us at Best Service Plumber today to schedule a visit from one of our friendly plumbers.










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