Do you have constant problems with your plumbing? What about the age of your home? These factors play into whether you need PEX repiping in your home. Once you invest in this option, you can feel confident in the integrity of your plumbing for decades to come.

What Is PEX Repiping?

The repiping process involves feeding flexible PEX pipes through your existing plumbing lines to completely replace the pipes without taking out multiple walls in your home. By replacing leaking, old, or dangerous pipes with new material can protect you from high plumbing costs into the future.

Why Is PEX Used for Repiping?

PEX is a flexible material that makes it easier for plumbers to replace the pipes in your home. Unlike repiping with copper, which often requires the removal of large sections of your walls to access the pipes, PEX is flexible enough to feed through the pipes from a handful of locations. Plus, it has 40 years of use in Europe and many years of use in North America. Both locations use this piping in home plumbing for hot and cold water lines.

The Advantages of PEX for Repiping

Repiping replaces the existing pipes in your home with long-lasting PEX piping. This type of pipe will upgrade your home’s plumbing to last for at least the next quarter of a century. In fact, this type of piping is so popular that almost all – 99% – of new construction projects use it. PEX pipe offers multiple advantages over copper or galvanized pipe that it typically replaces.

First, PEX resists damage from chlorine and chloramines, which are typically added to tap water as disinfectants. In cold-weather climates, PEX resists freezing more than copper pipes. Additionally, PEX piping resists corrosion damage that can cause leaks.

Consequently, by choosing PEX repiping, you can have a faster service with replacement plumbing that lasts for years and resists common causes of plumbing failure.

Upgrade Your Home’s Plumbing System with Repiping from Best Service Plumber

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