It’s not a fun situation to be in, but we all have to deal with clogged toilets! Luckily most of the time you can clear the clog yourself with a decent plunger or a snake. Here are a few tips to clear simple clogs in your Southern California California home.

Tips for Unclogging the Toilet in Your California Home 

  • Don’t Let it Overflow- To keep mess to a minimum and stop the toilet from overflowing, do not flush it again if it doesn’t flush properly the first time. This causes more water to be pumped into the toilet. Lift the lid and close the toilet flapper instead to keep additional water from filing the bowl.
  • Use a Plunger – Using a high-quality plunger, cover the hole in the toilet and continue pushing and pulling until the water in the toilet starts to drain. It often takes several repeated plunges and flushings to clear the clog.
  • Attempt to Remove Object – If you can see that there is an obstruction blocking the toilet, attempt to remove the object. Plunging will not do anything to remove the object, so move along to another solution for unclogging or call a professional plumber.
  • Use a Plumbing Snake – A plumbing snake can break up the obstruction causing the clog and free the drain to help remove the clog in the toilet.

Plumbing Concepts in Southern California, CA Can Help Maintain Your Toilets and Plumbing

For serious toilet clogs or repeated issues, contact the best plumbing services contractor in Southern California, Plumbing Concepts. Our experienced team of plumbers has been serving customers in the Southern California, CA area for decades and takes pride in our stellar reputation. From clogged toilets and drains to new construction and water treatment systems, Plumbing Concepts can help California homeowners with all of their plumbing needs.


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